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5 Top Reasons Why Hair Extensions Are Popular Right Now

Why Hair Extensions Are Popular Right Now?

Hair extensions are in vogue!! It seems as if women can’t get enough of them! From Beyonce to Britney- every celeb is seen flaunting their hair extensions, whether they’d be at a movie premiere or a red carpet launch or making an appearance with their current partner. But, what makes them so popular? Let’s dig into some of the reasons:

Flexibility of Style

Hair extensions add volume to your hair besides increasing their length. And, the advantage of having lengthy and voluminous hair is that you can style them differently, as per the occasion. You can tie them in a neat bun or let them lose, curl them into perfect locks or give that wavy bounce to your hair! For instance, Salon Shique is a leading hair solutions, hair treatment and styling boutique which provides permanent hair extensions for you to enhance your look and feel your absolute best.

Experimenting with Colours

Nowadays hair extensions come in different hues and if you’re someone who likes to try different colours on their hair, wearing a coloured extension can be a perfect way to streak your hair and add to the glam quotient.

Instantly Go from Short Hair to Long Hair

If you have a slow hair growth or are dissatisfied by the pixie haircut that you took the other day, hair extensions offer an instant fix by allowing you to go from short to long hair.

Add Texture

Hair extensions are a great way to add texture to your hair, especially when you’re struggling with dry and frizzy hair. If you need to go for a party and want to look your absolute best, hair extensions can prove to be invaluable for they not only add length to your hair but can also make them look healthy and luscious.

Protect Your Hair

Frequently coloring and styling your natural hair can prove to be harmful for their growth. Making use of hair extensions to style and colour your hair can protect them from damage.

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