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Weft Hair Extensions Guide

A Complete Guide to Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are the latest fad!! Women – from celebs to college girls can be seen flaunting their weave hair extensions. This weft-craze has left some bemused while some intrigued in the fashion world! For those new to this phenomenon, we have compiled all the information that you need to know about the weave hair styling technique…
A weft hair extension or a weave is a hair styling technique in which pieces of artificial (synthetic) or human (Remy) hair extensions are added to the existing hair in order to enhance the length and volume of the patron’s hair. Here’s a detailed description of some benefits of Weft Hair Extensions:

It’s Versatile:

Weave hair extensions require little maintenance. You can change your hairdo within days or months, depending upon how long you want to go with a certain look.

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It’s Protective:

Sewn-in weaves not only enhance the look of your hair and promote its growth but they also protect it from severe weather conditions and outside influences such as pollution, smoke, dust etc.

It only takes a Few Hours to Install:

The time of installation of sewn-in wefts is about 2 to 4 hours. The duration also depends on the expertise and experience of the hair stylist – the better the stylist, the lesser is the time taken!

It can get made into a Wig:

You can have your weave made into a wig!! Wigs provide you with more freedom and flexibility which allows you to experiment with your look more often.

It’s Experimental:

With a range of fashionable hairstyles to choose from, you can even buy pre-dyed hair in varied colours!

The Types of Weaves:


Made of microfibers, these do not provide protection against heat and have a tendency to melt when subjected to the same. There are, however, heat resistant synthetic hair brands available in the market now.


This is the best and the most highly recommended type of hair for a weft extension. It comes in many varieties but “Remy or Virgin hair” are used by most stylists. They both are of top-quality, come from individual donors, have unilateral cuticle alignment and respond very well to bleach, colour and reasonable heat. The only difference between the two being that Virgin hair is not chemically processed while Remy hair may be mildly chemically altered.

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