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Benefits of Weft Hair Extensions

What are Benefits of Weft Hair Extensions?

In the olden times, ladies used traditional methods of oiling and massaging the scalp to have a healthy mane. The modern woman has a wide number of options available to enhance the health and look of her hair. Weft hair extensions is one of the options which has caught onto to the fancy of a major portion of the woman population because of its multiple benefits.

Protects Your Hair from Heat Damage:

Those who have coarse hair can very well understand the struggles of maintaining your hair. Cleaning your hair would normally involve a number of activities such as shampooing, conditioning, hair detangling, blow drying and Keratin Hair Straightening. It can take you forever to get over and done with these steps. With hair weft, your natural hair is protected under the canopy of the hair extensions.

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Great for Growing Out Your Hair:

“I look horribly bad in that pixie-cut!” We all have stories where a hair style we had imagined on ourselves ended up not looking the way we had wanted after a hair cut at the salon. In a situation like that, we cannot even bear to look at the mirror. Getting a weft hair extension can help you look good and feel better about the whole situation – you can flaunt your extensions till the time your natural hair grow back! The added advantage being that your hair would be protected from all kinds of damage, tension and breakage.

Stronger Hair:

Weft hair extensions can not only make your hair grow faster but also enhance its look.

Good for Styling:

Sewn-in wefts offer a wide range of possibilities for you to enjoy long hair, which includes colouring your hair. So, if you wish for your hair to be strong, silky and luscious, weft hair extensions are the way to go!!

Based at South Yarra in Melbourne, Salon Shique is your one-stop shop to high-quality hair extensions, Trichotillomania Treatment and Alopecia Treatments, Hair loss procedures and permanent straightening techniques. Unlike other salons that use glue, we help you enhance your look by expertly weaving the hair extensions into your natural hair.


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