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Are You Wearing Real Russian Hair Extensions?

Real Russian Hair Extensions

Here are the 3 ways to figure out whether your Russian hair extensions (Real Russian Hair Extensions) are real or fake

The Hair is dyed:

If you can smell the chemicals while washing your hair, it means that colours were used to dye the hair. You can double check by going to a place such as Salon Shique where the expert extensionists will analyze your hair by taking out your wefts and see if different colours were indeed used through the extensions. Virgin hair by definition is that which is untouched by any chemicals or treatments. So, if the hair is found out to be dyed in colour, it was never a virgin product.

The extensions are pre-made:

If your extensionist shows a pre-made weft to you which comes from a plastic package, then it is not virgin hair. Authentic Russian hair extensions do not come pre-made. They come in raw, pony-tail form – cut straight from the donor’s head, bundled and sent to the salon. It usually takes about 4-6 hours to make a custom, handmade weft.

The hair does not have cuticles:

As opposed to one donor in the case of Virgin hair, factory hair is collected from many donors. This is the reason why the cuticles on factory hair are faced in different directions and begin to get entangled. The factories in turn strip the hair of its cuticle entirely so that the problem can be avoided. They further go on to coat it in silicone to smooth it down. This, however, only provides a temporary solution. As you wash the hair, they become knotted. Conversely, the original cuticle is intact in the case of authentic virgin hair or authentic Russian hair extensions which prevents your hair from knotting, keeping it smooth all the time.


Salon Shique, a leading hair salon in South Yarra, Melbourne provides authentic Russian hair extensions which can make your hair look longer, shinier and silkier. To get in touch with Salon Shique for Russian hair extensions, you can call them at 03 9866 8088.


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