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Trichotillomania Treatment Tips

Trichotillomania Treatment Tips – Best Hair Salon South Yarra

Trichotillomania Treatment Tips – Trichotillomania is a hair pulling disorder that is commonly triggered by anxiety. Traditionally, medication has been used for Trichotilliomania treatment (Trichotillomania Treatment Tips) which has been successful in some cases while a failure in others. We, at Salon Shique, a premier hair salon at South Yarra, Melbourne have compiled a list of ways which can prevent hair pulling in those grappling with this condition.

  • Wearing a bandana to bed can be greatly helpful in combating this problem. Prepare a sticker chart. Add a sticker for all the days you go without pulling your hair. Reward yourself after you have been successful at being pull free for a number of hours or days together.
  • Joining a support group where you can talk to another person suffering a similar ailment can prove to be cathartic.
  • Avoid taking coffee right before you go to bed. Many people with Trichotillomania tend to pull their hair during bedtime. Caffeine keeps you awake for a longer period of time which can make you prone to more hair loss.
  • Occupy your mind and hands with other activities such as knitting, crocheting or cross-stitch.
  • Wearing a hoodie to bed may act as a barrier to pulling.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be helpful in controlling the hair pulling.
  • Set small goals for yourself. For instance: Promise to yourself that you will not pull for the next 4 hours. And then slowly increase the time.
  • There is something known as Exposure Therapy and it has worked wonders for many. You need to look at your hair in the mirror with your hands behind your back. Then, keep staring into the mirror until the anxiety to pull has reduced.
  • You can also ease off the anxiety by taking a long bath.
  • Place notes that read “NO” or inspirational sayings that encourage you to stop pulling your hair in places where you generally pull.
  • Imagine how your life would be without Trichotillomania. This will infuse a lot of confidence and positivity in you.
  • Meditating and practicing mindfulness can be the ultimate cure to this disease.

Trichotillomania Treatment Tips

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