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Trichotillomania Treatment – Hair-pulling Disorder: Mia’s Story

Trichotillomania Treatment – Hair-pulling Disorder

Trichotillomania Treatment Hair Pulling Disorder – Little Mia was the apple of everyone’s eye. Her brown tresses, green eyes, and faultless charm had everybody hypnotized! She was eldest of the 3 children born to Mark and Lily Swift, botanists at a prestigious institute in Brisbane. Life was easygoing and fun with all the love and adoration she received from family and strangers alike. But, little did she know that the wheel of fate was about to turn in a manner that would change the course of her life forever.

When Mia turned 11, she was diagnosed with a rare condition – Trichotillomania. Doctors inferred that the trigger to her condition was anxiety. Mia’s parents couldn’t fathom the reason behind their daughter’s distress. A conversation with one of their daughter’s closest friends, one day, however, finally resolved the mystery to their daughter’s behavior. Mia had been experiencing bullying at school which was why she had become fearful of interacting with people and gradually developed this condition.

Trichotillomania Treatment in South Yarra

Mia was put on meds for Trichotillomania treatment Hair Pulling but it was to no avail – she had morphed into someone beyond recognition. As the years passed by, she had learned to live with her condition and almost given up on treatment until she came to know about Salon Shique in Melbourne through a close acquaintance.

The people at Salon Shique really went out of their way to make her feel comfortable and within some time Mia was at ease. After doing her hair and scalp analysis, they picked up an appropriate hairpiece and sealed her existing hair with it by means of micro-beads. They kept a track of her progress for about 8 weeks and it is in these 8 weeks that magic happened!! Mia’s hair follicle was still alive and as a result of the hair loss treatment at the boutique, her natural hair started growing from underneath and today she has got back almost all of her natural hair.

Mia cannot help but thank those at Salon Shique for trichotillomania hair recovery and consequently give her a new lease on life…

PS: This is has been inspired by a true story. Some facts have been fictionalized to protect the identity of our patron.

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