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Salon Shique: Your One Stop Shop to the Best Hair Solutions

Trichotillomania: Salon Shique – One Stop Shop

Trichotillomania is a rare condition that affects 1%-2% of the human population around the world. Though there are many reasons attributed to the development of this condition but the most commonly held opinion is that anxiety is what triggers this disorder. People have traditionally taken meds for this condition but the last few decades have seen an advent of salons, beauty parlours, and boutiques that offer Trichotillomania treatment.

So, in a day and age where almost every hair salon claims to offer treatment for this disorder but fails miserably at doing so, Salon Shique in Melbourne comes as a breath of fresh air. Based in South Yarra, Salon Shique has transformed the lives of multitudes of people suffering from this ailment by providing exceptional services in hair loss solutions and hair replacement.

The environment of the salon is so warm and inviting that it immediately puts the customers at ease. The specialist technicians and staff are endowed with a pleasing demeanour which makes the atmosphere very light and fun.
The customers are provided with permanent hair extensions after a thorough analysis of the scalp and the hair. Most often the existing hair is binded with the hair extension by means of microbeads and then kept on check for about 7-8 weeks. So when a 30- something lady from Brisbane went through the hair loss treatment for Trichotillomania, she was over the moon when she realized that her natural hair had started growing from underneath! She hopes to flaunt her natural hair very soon but until then she plans to keep the hair extension.

Salon Shique’s galore with such success stories which make it one of the best places for Trichotillomania treatment, hair extensions, permanent hair straightening, regrowth tint and foil, haircut and hair styling.

So, if you’re having a bad hair day or know someone struggling with balding or hair loss, you know exactly where you need to go!

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