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  • Caz B
    Salon Shique is amazing. Their products and services are top quality and the girls are so friendly and encouraging. They make you look and feel beautiful.
  • Yuki Z
    This great Melbourne salon for hair extension making my hair look great for the Party.The curls stayed all evening and my hair was soft for days. See you on my next trip! I love these hair extensions
  • Vicky S
    Personal Assistant
    Absolutely love my hair done by Katie. She really listened to what I wanted and took such time and care. Such a nice bunch of girls and really enjoyed my salon experience. Will definitely be back again!!
  • Isabella J
    I absolutely love my new extensions. I enjoy the compliments and how ‘lovely’ my hair is looking. My hair is so easy to look after. Now I have a full head of hair I only dreamed about I was still nervous about how much maintenance they would be. Lexxy showed me how to care for and maintain my hair, just marvellous!! Thank you
  • Sam P
    Salon Shique have the best hair extensions and hair pieces that look so natural, which is the best part – no ones know that you are wearing them! The team is warm and friendly! I always love getting my hair done and have fun while I am there! Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!!
  • Melissa V
    Thank you so much to the talented staff at Salon Shique for helping me style and shape my hair! I Could not believe how wonderful my hair looked and my friendsand family noticed my hair straight away! The staff were amazing listeners, incredibly supportive and encouraging and this was a wonderful and healing experience for me which I will never forget. I have already referred you onto another friend who could use your specialist services and support and I will be referring this salon to many many more in the future through the media and word of mouth. Truly amazing work thank you again so very much xoxo
  • Bree C
    Having natual long thin hair im always after the full luscious locks. After talking this through with the consultant I opted for hair extensions and I’m more than happy with the result. Everyone is asking me what I’ve done to my hair.
  • Emily B
    Thanks so much to all of the team, I love my new hair!
  • Melissa L
    After three years I keep coming back for beautiful hair and consistent service. Hassle free hair and honest advice. I’ve never been happier with my hair.
  • Samantha H
    excellent service, style, value for money, i feel and look amazing every time
  • Damanpreet S
    I’ve been looking for help with my thinning hair for a long time, then I started buying Toppik hair Thinning fibres from Salon Shique. So easy to use and gives me a great feeling
  • Ishu G
    On my recent trip to Melbourne I looked up salons to fix up my hair extensions, Salon Shique provided me with the best quality and price. I’m so happy and will come back to the salon when I’m next in Melbourne
  • Lisa S
    Had my hair done here today -Lexi and team were amazing. Lexi knew immediately what colour was needed to give me an amazing new look! Thanks so much guys! Feeling fantastic again! Great salon, super friendly staff, definitely recommend to anyone!
  • Preety S
    I have been dealing with Alopecia for so long, It is with immense gratitude that I write this. My Alopecia was destroying my self esteem, my professional and social life. I always felt when people spoke to me they were staring at my scalp and I found it difficult to concentrate on what I was doing. I had lost all hope and about to buy a wig, when a friend suggested I speak with Salon Shique first. At the risk of sounding corny I can not believe how such a simple procedure has restored my confidence and optimism in life. I have now had my new hair for a number of weeks and would like to give you some feedback. My hair is now incredibly easy to manage. Thank you to the team.
  • Sneha J
    Highly recommend it. Must visit Salon Shique!!They are the best Salon in Melbourne. The staffs are very calm, a good listener, and conservative when it comes to cutting hair. Most of the stylists in the past have cut my hair a bit too long than I wanted. But,Staff at Salon Shique makes sure that they doesn’t cut it too much and takes their time to work on your hair. I got my first Hair extension done here and I LOVED it! LOVED the curl of my hair.
    I would not trust or go to any other stylist but would love to visit Salon Shique instead. No doubt,price is reasonable too!!
  • Hasitha G
    Your extensions are the best quality I’ve ever had and your customer service is great. I will definitely come back. The best hair extensions salon in Melbourne. A big thank you to the friendly and knowledgeable staff. (Testimonial provided on behalf of girl friend)
  • Pauley J
    Lexxy did a great style for me yesterday. My hair sat perfect all night. Then with lexxy’s tips and tricks I let my hair down this morning and it’s ready to go. Looking great. Thanks lexxy , Shun, Maria and Mary for helping me overcome a great obstacle in my life. Hair dresser’s changing lives. XOXOX
  • Salon Shique
    Since Veronica had her hairmesh she has shown a big improvement dealing with Trichotillomania (hair pulling). Veronica no longer wears the hairmesh and now wears our hair extensions . Now feeling more confident and brave to even change her hair colour!
  • Leanne K
    My experience at Salon Shique has always been positive. Lexie, Mary and Maria have always been welcoming and fun to be around, and i am always happy with the results of my colour and cut. If you’re looking for a regular, reliable, consistent hair salon then look no further! Thanks ladies xx
  • Angela
    My experiences with Salon shique were always amazing. Lexxy and Maria are very professional on what they do. They always make your experience in the salon fun. Salon shique is the only salon I get my hair done. Its always worth the travel.
  • Andrea S.
    Ash blond ala Jennifer Lopez hair color style Only@salonshiquetouches my hair, who touches yours? The salon of the queens Miss Transsexual Australia 2016 | Miss TS Belgium 2015 | MIQ 2015 finalist Melbourne based transwoman | MUA | Pageant Trainer

More wonderful reviews and testimonials from our fabulous clients @ Salon Shique Melbourne

Lisa C.: (a first time visitor for the Salon for our unique Trichotillomania system): Thanks to your team. How can i thank them more? I feel like i didnt thank them enough yesterday as i wasn’t quite sure about it as first

Cecilia W.: My best salon experience ever! So professional! Thanks again!

Di O’Sullivan: Thank you for doing such an amazing job on her hair. It was exactly what she wanted (regarding they hair styling for her daughter’s formal).

Posted by Salon Shique on Thursday, 28 May 2015: Abby look stunning for her school formal , thank you for trusting us

Jordan Carter 5 star I suffer from male pattern baldness, I googled and visited every salon that I could. I found that the consultation and education I received from this Salon was so good, and I’ve now got a great little hair top piece that no one can tell is not my real hair. It’s so easy to manage with the information that the team at Salon Shique gave me

Emily Adams 5 star Having these new hair extensions has given me the confidence and sense of self that I always knew I had but because of my health, was unable to show. I love being a brand new person who is now so confident and always smiling because I know I look good.

Anna Smith 5 star I have fine hair which has always been difficult to get length without split ends and breakage. I have had different extensions in the past that have caused terrible damage to my hair and scalp. This salon knows their stuff, my hair looks 100% natural and gives me gorgeous length, volume and lots of compliments! Having the hair I have always wanted gives me confidence and I now love my hair!

Jennifer Roberts 5 star Thanks so much to the Salon Shique team for their hard work. My new hair extensions are amazing and the products they recommended that I use are awesome, can’t wait to come back soon

Jackson Roberts 5 star I have had hair thinning and balding problems since my early teens, now I have a great hair piece that is unnoticeable and long lasting, so much passion for my hair from the salon team…. highly recommend

Kavita – Staff was friendly and easy going and happy to accommodate my various requests.

Heena – The first time I went there was for maintenance of my microbeads. The hairdresser who looked after me was fantastic.

Smita – Great service and a pleasant outcome.

Anon – I felt very comfortable and well informed. I have since been wearing Shique single hair extensions for two years and am extremely happy with them and Salon Shique. Shique also are constantly informing me of their new latest methods

Nishita – I still have my first set of extensions which speaks volumes to the quality and timeliness of the extensions. I would absolutely recommend Salon Shique Hair Extensions to anyone!

Dyana – Ive been coming to salon Shique for 2 years Initially I came because i was experiencing hair thinning and lack of confidence issues. Staff sat me down and showed me so many options.

Ankita – The Salon was very inviting as was the staff. They share not only his artful hair creations but also their wisdom. This is the place for extensions that”s sure to satisfy. Very pleased indeed.

Rohan – Great salon, fantastic advice and the best ever hair extensions! I have had lot’s of different extensions in the past. No matter the price I paid

Reneta – Thank You so much for my hair Extensions ! I love them so much ! They Are the Best in the world

Ryan – My Loving Sister has really thick coarse hair, it frizzes with the slightest humidity and requires a lot of maintenance especially if She was to grow it. She phoned Salon Shique and the next week She was booked in to have her 100% human hair extensions. It was a perfect color match, and easier to maintain than her natural hair! “Salon Shique Hair Extensions Team” easy to chat to and extremely professional. My Sister highly recommend “Salon Shique Hair Extensions” business for all your extension needs.

Samir – Not only have I got silky smooth extensions since a month now (and not once did I experience any tangles!), but my hair is much easier to manage and the shampoo recommended by Salon Shique left me with very shiny hair on top of my head that looks really healthy.

Anon – I’ve recently been introduced to Shique by a good friend of mine promising me they have the best hair extensions ins Melbourne. I’m so happy, they’re not cheap and stringy hair. I now have heaps of body to my hair and feel so natural. Thanks girls!

Anon (first time customer) – Just want to thank you for such a lovely treatment today. I absolutely love my hair and really enjoyed my appointment. I’ll definitely be back and recommend to others.

Nicole – What can I say, what a beautiful, professional and well educated salon. All the staff are passionate about hair and thrive on happy clients.I know my hair is in good hands at salon Shique. As well as fixing and colouring my hair Lexxy regularly curls my hair and her curls last a week. I can’t thank these girls enough for their time and love.I feel very special and spoilt when I step into the salon Shique.

Caroline – Salon Shique is amazing. Their products and services are top quality and the girls are so friendly and encouraging. They make you look and feel beautiful.

Lisa Gilbert, Journalist, Channel 7 News – My hair used to be thin, limp and BORING.. ..until I went to Shique…they transformed my dull hair into shiny, bouncy locks that ALWAYS get noticed. Now people ask me how I manage to keep my hair looking so good all the time. My friends say they wish they had long, manageable hair that always looks great. No one noticed I had extensions…not even my friends, because I used to keep my hair tied back. I told everyone it was easy…all it took was three hours in Salon Shique and I was out the door with beautiful hair. Now I don’t have to spend hours having my hair coloured and straightened at the salon. I save time and money by having extensions. If I’d known it was this easy, I would have done it years ago!

I used to think hair extensions were just for actors and models. Now I know anyone can look and feel a million dollars. Working in television, I need my hair to look neat and shiny, and I don’t want to spend hours trying to get it right. With my extensions all I do is comb it and use a bit of hairspray and I’m all ready to go. For any girl who wants to look good…don’t hesitate, get down to Shique and get ready for fun, sexy hair EVERY day, not just on special occasions.

Jannah – Salon Shique hair extensions are absolutely fabulous! The exceptional team of extensionists are extremely friendly and welcoming, not to mention fantastic at what they do. My hair is absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t be happier. Having had my extensions for over a year, my hair still looks like it did the day I had them put in. The quality of the hair is second to none! After having been to many hair extension consultations I found Salon Shique to offer the highest quality hair, newest and most modern techniques with friendly, knowledgeable and approachable staff.

ps: Also the line of hair products that Salon Shique offer is exceptional and the team guide you in the right direction ensuring your hair is always in great condition!”

Rachael – I would have no hesitation in recommending Salon Shique to anyone… the bottom line is, if you want hair extensions that don’t look like extensions then you need to go to a salon that specialises in hair extensions and not a hair dressing salon that does hair extensions just when someone books in. My hair was coloured & quite brittle, so the last thing I wanted was to have hair extensions that were going to damage my hair even more, and when I read Salon Shique’s guarantee that their technique will not damage your hair, it was then that I knew Salon Shique was the right salon for me. Basically, you pay for what you get… Thank you, I had a great day with you & look forward to my next visit.

Karen – I have had extensions for quite a number of years, they were the single ones. I moved to Melbourne three years or so ago now and needed to find a salon where I could continue having my hair done. I came across Salon Shique and have never looked back. My hair is the best it has ever been, the extensions are the best I’ve ever had, so natural and easy to wear. The team are certainly in my opinion the best there are by far.”

Anon – Hi Salon Shique Team,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you email to let you know how much I love my new hair. I had my extensions installed 2 weeks ago and can’t believe how amazing the hair is!! Not only does it feel like my own hair, it looks just like it. The best compliment so far was ‘wow, our hair grows really fast’ – Ha, I didn’t tell them my secret ‘hair-growth-remedy’

I still can’t believe that this hair does not tangle at all, not even when washing it! (I know I’ve stressed that fact a few times)…
So, THANK YOU again for offering all the great services that you do! God knows I have my fair share of really bad hair extensions, almost vowing to leave it at that, but thankfully I’ve found you.

Nera – People comment that I look younger since I had my extensions. I love having long hair since mine always seemed to be mid length. Now I love to swing my hair and run my fingers through it.

Jo – Having Shique’s hair extensions has given me the confidence and sense of self that I always new I had but because of my health, was unable to show. I love being the person who is confident and always smiling because I know I look good.

Jacqui – When I was 18 I had long, curly, healthy hair and after a bad colour experience at a salon my hair was dry and broken. 10 years later I decided to get extensions put in and now I feel like I’m 18 again. Thanks Salon Shique

Amy – Having naturally fine hair, it has always been difficult to get length without split ends and breakage. I have had different extensions in the past that have caused terrible damage. The Shique extension technique is not only ultra kind to my hair, but it looks 100% natural and gives me gorgeous length, volume and lots of compliments! Having the hair I have always wanted gives me confidence and I now love my hair!

Becky – I never imagined that I could love my hair as much as I do. I’ve had so many compliments since my extensions and can’t imagine not having them.

Michelle – I came to Salon Shique from another hair extension salon – WOW – Salon Shique was light years ahead – more professional, cleaner, well organised – customer focused. I love visiting Salon

Shique – very sincerely – love my hair. I get so many comments of how fantastic my hair is. Thanks Salon Shique

Ella – Since my first visit to Shique, I have never looked back. The advice and care received was honest and reliable. My extensions were not just a transformation of my hair but also of how I felt and my confidence. For the first time I felt fabulous about my hair. The after care was also important and the team always cared about me and my hair. I would and have recommended Shique to everyone I know. The Salon for females of today!!

Debbie – Love my extensions and the fact that they give me the hair I had when I was younger. I enjoy the compliments and how ‘lovely’ my hair is looking. I am surprised at how easy my hair is to look after and the improvement in the condition of my hair. When first it was suggested that I consider hair extensions, my first thoughts were that I would never be able to manage them. Even after I agreed to have them installed I kept thinking ‘What have I done?’ After they were installed and I now had a head of hair I only dreamed about I was still nervous about how much maintenance they would be. How wrong I was, it was so easy, and as I was washing my hair less often, was spending less time on my hair than I had been prior to the extensions. I couldn’t have believed that looking after my hair could be so easy.