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Keratin Treatment?

Should You Get a Keratin Treatment?

Do you have curly frizzy hair and finding it difficult to manage? You might have read or heard about Keratin Hair Treatment but still wondering if you should get one. Keratin Hair Treatment gives you smooth and shiny hair for months. It is a chemical-laden beauty treatment which makes your hair go soft and silky. But it might not be suitable for every hair type or texture. Before considering a Keratin Hair Treatment, visit Salon Shique, a hair salon in South Yarra that specializes in Keratin Hair Treatments in Melbourne for proper guidance. Our experts here will advise you whether it is appropriate for your hair or not.

Important points to remember-

Ensure to know what you are asking for

Some hair salons in South Melbourne might confuse you by using different names for this treatment. So do your research before and know what you are looking for. Are you wanting it permanently straightened or just want to reduce the curls and de-frizz your hair. Choose the treatment accordingly as both are done with the use of different products.

Understand what you’re getting

A traditional Keratin Hair Treatment is meant for reducing curls and de-frizzing the hair. It involves the use of a protein called keratin which is a natural part of the hair. It does not straighten your hair 100% like Japanese Hair Straightening however your blow drying will be cut down by 40-60%. All formulas contain a certain about of a formaldehyde-releasing solution. All products are created differently so make sure you are asking the question on the levels of formaldehyde and any precautions that must be taken before deciding this is right for you. This entire process ultimately gives you straighten and frizz-free hair for up to 3 months.

Be prepared for some Sacrifices

During traditional Keratin Hair Treatments, you cannot wash your hair for up to 3-4 days. It is also not recommended to use clips or ties in your hair for 3-4 days as there will be a risk of getting a dent in your hair. Each product recommends a slightly different time frame so make sure you discuss this with your stylist at the time.

Accept the Results as they may Vary

There is no guarantee that the results of Keratin Hair Treatment will be best on your hair. Usually, keratin treatment straightens the hard curls also but still, results have shown that women ended up with little waves.

There are many factors on which it depends on how strong the treatment is, how it was applied and what was the temperature of the flat-iron and how porous your hair is.


Salon Shique is one of the leading hair salons for Keratin Hair Treatment in South Yarra and South Melbourne, providing authentic Keratin Hair Treatment products. Our treatment will help you get smooth, straight and frizz-free hair for months. Our products are safe and our highly trained professionals will guide you through the process to determine if a keratin hair treatment is right for you. Come visit us in our hair salon in South Yarra for a free consultation or call us at 0398668088 for more information.

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