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KeratinHair Straightening

Trichovedic Hydrospa Keratin Hair Straightening And Smoothing Treatment In Our Melbourne Salon

Transform your appearance and enhance your natural beauty with Shique. Leave our salon with smooth, shiny locks following our revolutionary Keratin Hair Straightening smoothing treatment. We offer fast-acting, non-toxic HydroSpa keratin treatments that will dramatically enhance the strength and condition of your hair. Frizz-free and humidity-proofed, our straightening treatments will save you time styling your hair every morning.

Trichovedic hydrospa hair relaxing treatment

Keratin hair straightening treatment Melbourne Salon Shique

How Does Keratin Treatment Work?

Our keratin treatments infuses and bonds follicles using a combination of amino acids, silicones and anti-static agents. Formaldehyde is not an ingredient in this formula, however trace qualities can be a result of other ingredients. Offering a more natural look than chemical straighteners, our smoothing treatments will straighten your hair to approximately 80-90%. The effects gradually wear of over time, normally lasting for three to five months.

Keratin works more effectively on dry, damaged hair. Unlike chemical straighteners, it doesn’t move the internal disulphide bond structure and actually repairs damaged follicles. Keratin straightening products can be used on coloured, foiled and chemically straightened hair.

New HydroSpa Formula

Our new 3139 formula is the latest evolution of our keratin hair straightening treatments. This revolutionary formula features the following enhancements:

  • Reduced colour lift in dyed and light hair
  • Eradication of residual odours
  • Enhanced wet and dry compatibility
  • Iron glide application

Maintenance & Aftercare

Following your HydroSpa keratin smoothing treatment it is important to abide by the following maintenance instructions to ensure optimal results:

  • Use TrichoVedic shampoo and conditioner. Free of sulphates and sodium chloride, these products won’t degrade or remove the treatment
  • All styling products must also be completely free of sulphates and sodium chloride
  • Salt and chlorine will reduce the lifespan of keratin hair treatment. We recommend you wear a cap or apply TrichoVedic conditioner before swimming.
  • Colouring or foiling should be done immediately before treatment.
  • Don’t have keratin treatments if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or pre-pubescent. It is fine to undergo this procedure if you menopausal.

Booking your appointment for your Keratin Hair Straightening

Call 03 9866 8088 and speak to one of our specialist, we prefer to begin with a phone or a personal consultation to discuss the best option for you.