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Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Cost

Keratin Hair Straightening Cost

Kertain is a natural protein found in the hair that protects it from harmful solar radiation and humidity. With time, the keratin content in the hair goes down due to environmental factors, styling and excessive usage of chemical products leading to the formation of pores in the hair. High porosity in turn causes frizz, tangles and damage to the hair. Keratin Hair Straightening cost or works to fill in the gaps/pores so devoid of keratin, thereby helping the hair acquire a healthier, luscious look. Performed by professional hairdressers, this hair treatment restores the keratin in the hair which makes your tresses smoother, shinier and stronger. Unlike other straightening treatments, this method does not break the bonds of your hair. Here’s a step by step procedure of how Keratin Hair Straightening works

  • The pre-treatment ensures removal of surface buildup and preparation of the cuticle by lifting its overlapping layers so that the treatment can penetrate the hair. A clarifying shampoo is emulsified on damp hair twice before all Keratin Complex Treatments. The cuticle is then properly activated by the alkaline pH to best prepare the hair for the smoothening process.
  • During application, the penetration of the Keratin treatment into the hair’s cuticle takes place. Hydrolyzed Keratin makes the keratin bonds stronger from within, repairs damage and smoothes the hair shaft. At Salon Shique, you can get Keratin Smoothening cost (done) for $350 for the month of November. An extra $50 would be charge for very thick, very long and very curly hair.
  • Keratin Complex Treatments are applied with a brush and bowl which is similar to the process of applying colour. It is important that you don’t oversaturate the hair, so a fine-tooth comb should be used to distribute the treatment. By driving the Keratin into the activated cuticle, the damaged areas are targeted. This process takes about 15-20 minutes and no sensation is created on the scalp.
  • The shape of the hair is further adjusted with heat – first a blow dryer is used and then a flatiron, sealing in the treatment to create a humidity-resistant finish and smooth, silky strands.

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