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Keratin Hair Straightening – Complete Guide

Everything that You Need to Know about Keratin Hair Straightening

Every girl dreams of having long, straight, shiny and silky hair. However, with the pollution, the chemicals (in hair products) and the blow drying that we are exposed to, our hair is robbed of Keratin which is significant to the health of our hair. The reduction in the amount of this important protein makes our hair vulnerable to damage. Both oiling and conditioning have since decades, been considered the most reliable hair treatment methods for beautiful, luscious hair. But, about a decade ago, the world of beauty and glamour was introduced to a new terminology known as ‘Keratin Hair Straightening’ which besides straightening your tresses restores the Keratin in your hair. Here’s a detailed account of the treatment….

Keratin, as mentioned above, is a natural protein in your hair (and nails) which when exposed to unsuitable atmospheric conditions and chemical based hair products undergoes damage. It is essential for both the inner part (cortex) and the outer part (cuticle) of the hair.

Keratin hair straightening is a hair treatment that helps you in regaining that lost elasticity and health of hair. In other words, it helps you restore the (lost) Keratin in your hair artificially. It gives a new lease of life to your hair by smoothening all the unwanted curls and roughness. It is the best way to get rid of the daily, arduous task of using a hair straightener. Once you undergo the treatment, you will have long, shiny, straight hair for 3-4 months maximum.

The process involves binding the Keratin to the hair. A hot flat iron is used for the sealing process. The heat from the ironing is what helps in straightening the hair. There are a few other chemicals that are added along with Keratin. Without those chemicals, Keratin would not be able to function properly. It takes about 90 minutes for the entire process to get over. If you have longer hair, it may take a bit longer. After having undergone the sealing process, it is recommended that you do not wash your hair for about 3-4 days as the ‘process of locking of Keratin’ takes time.

Salon Shique, based out of South Yarra in Melbourne, offers Keratin Hair Straightening which splendidly works to enliven your hair by ending all the frizziness and roughness from your hair.

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