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Japanese Hair Straightening

How does Japanese Hair Straightening Work

Japanese Hair Straightening is an extensive process which takes a minimum of 3-4 hours. The length, thickness, and condition of the hair govern the duration of the treatment which can extend upto 8 hours. A special solution is used in this method which leads to a chemical change in the bonds from which the individual strands of hair derive shape. This is what causes permanent hair straightening. Here’s looking at the step by step process of the same:

Consultation:- Japanese Hair Straightening

There are risks involved with the process – the change that you are making to your hair is irreversible; so, a meeting with the professional stylist is necessary before you could schedule the thermal reconditioning/Japanese Hair Straightening.


The straightening process usually begins with shampooing and partial drying.

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Solution is Applied:

Once your hair has been shampooed, the solution (also called the activator) will be applied and left on your hair for some time. Then, the stylist will do a strand test to ensure if your hair is ready to be treated upon.


If you get through the strand test, your hair will be rinsed and conditioned. Then, a hair protectant will be applied to your hair before it could be ironed out at very precise temperatures.

Neutralizer is Applied:

Ironing is followed by the application of a neutralizer on the hair for stabilizing the balance of pH.

Blow Drying:

The hair is then applied with a little more conditioner and heat protectant before the final blow drying process.


Salon Shique, a boutique hairdressing salon in South Yarra Melbourne have helped thousands of women enhance their natural look and embrace their inner beauty through their varied hair straightening methods. The stylists at Salon Shique expertise in the Japanese Hair straightening technique which can make your hair healthier, shinier and easier to manage. To schedule a consultation today, contact us at 03 9688 8088 or at info@shiquehairextensions.com.au


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