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A Guide to Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions: Complete Guide

Hair Extensions Guide – Not everyone is blessed with hair that can grow to great lengths. You can, however, still enjoy long, luscious hair with the help of hair extensions. But, with the wide array of extensions that throng the hair care/beauty circles, one is often confused which hair extension you should go for. Today, we would enlighten you on the type of extension that is best suited for your hair…

Fusion or Bonded Hair Extensions:

It is best for medium to thick hair. The process involves fusing of individual strands of human hair to your natural hair with the help of glue which is keratin. If you take proper care, fusion hair extensions can last for a long time. Oils, conditioners and other hair products should not be applied to the bonded area for they may dissolve the bond. You cannot reuse the extensions which means that new hair will have to be purchased everytime you have them redone. Fusion hair extensions may take a long time for application (upto 8 hours) but they are known to last the longest.

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Tape-in Hair Extension:

A double or single-sided tape is used to attach wefts of hair to sections of your natural hair and hence the name tape-in hair extension. This is a great option for those who have fine or thin hair. Silicone or oil-based products should be avoided at the root of the hair so that the tape remains intact. Tape-in extensions can be reused and applied in an hour.

Weave or Sewn-In Extensions:

it is best for coarse, curly or thick hair. The process of application of sewn-in extensions begins when sections of hair are braided in cornrows from ear to ear. Then, a needle and thread is used to sew wefts of hair into the braids. Salon Shique, a leading hair salon in South Yarra, Melbourne provides sewn-in extensions which can make your hair look longer, shinier and silkier.

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Micro-Bead/Micro-Ring Hair Extensions:

These are best for medium to thick hair. It involves the attachment of single strand hair extensions to your natural hair, making it somewhat similar to Fusion hair extensions. As opposed to being glued, these are however, clamped to your natural hair. This type of hair extension is not suited for very fine or thin hair as the bonds can be visible through the hair.

To get in touch with Salon Shique for Sewn-in hair extensions, you can call them at 03 9866 8088.


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