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5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn’t Growing

Hair Dresser South Melbourne – 5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn’t Growing

“Bingo!” exclaimed Georgie on learning about the best Hair dresser in South Melbourne. Georgie had spent days looking for a hairdresser who could provide a temporary fix for her stunted hair growth. It was her senior year in school and she, like any other girl, wanted to look her absolute best for the prom night. But Georgie’s not alone! There are many others who struggle with poor hair growth and wonder why it is happening to them. We’ve listed out a few reasons behind the lack of growth of your natural hair:

Lack of Moisture:

Moisture is vital to hair growth. The ends of our hair do not receive the natural oils which those attached to the scalp do. If your hair has been deprived of moisture, then it may be the reason behind its lack of growth. So, in order to have long, shiny hair you need to make sure that all of it is completely moisturized.

Poor Diet/Nutrition:

If your diet lacks the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals, it would reflect on your hair. So, make sure that you consume green vegetables, fruits and water in ample amount for better nourishment of your hair.

Heat Damage:

If you’ re someone who frequently uses heat on their hair (with or without the hair protecting piece), chances of hair loss and dryness increase by tenfold. This is because frequent usage of heat strips your hair of the moisture and protein which bind the hair to the scalp and also lend growth and shine to it.

Not Trimming When Needed:

Split ends are a nuisance and if ignored they can go on to be your hair’s undoing! When not taken care of, they can cause breakage and excessive shedding of hair. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get your hair trimmed for split ends periodically.


You may be surprised that this made to our list but it is an important factor which needs to be paid attention to. You are beautiful the way you are and therefore you need not stress yourself about your looks. Anxiety and stress impact our hair growth and hence it is necessary for us to find out ways to keep ourselves at peace and in tune with our cheerful side.

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