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How to Find the Best Extensionist for Yourself

Tips – Best Hair Extensionist for Yourself

With thousands of websites telling you that they offer the best hair extensions, choosing an extensionist for yourself can be extremely confusing. So, to help you in your endeavour, we have listed out a few points which are as below:

Do they custom-make their Wefts:

If you wish for your hair extensions to look beautiful and undetectable, custom-made wefts are what you need. This is because there are many factors that come into play in determining the look of your extensions once they’re on your head. A great hair extensionist will ask for an initial consultation to better know about your requirements. This helps them decide on a number of factors such as – the style, length and colour of hair, the number of rows to use etc. After this, they should hand-weft your extensions to make sure that it is best to suit your needs. If a hairdresser takes out extensions from a packet and then proceeds to install on your hair, you should better watch out!! At Salon Shique, customized wefts are expertly woven into your natural hair which enhances your overall look.

Do they Use Authentic Virgin Hair:

There are many extensionists and hair salons that claim to provide virgin hair but the reality is far from that. The so-called virgin hair is often doused in so many chemicals that it would barely last a couple of months on your head! In order to make sure that you are actually getting virgin hair, here are a few pointers:

  1. The hair comes in natural shades
  2. It does not come from a packet
  3. It comes in different styles – from curly to wavy to straight and so on.

Do they have Good Reviews:

Good reviews are a “vote of confidence” from the patron to the extensionist. If you’ve found someone that hundreds of people vouch for, bingo! However, if there’s a ton of negative/bad reviews about a company/salon, it’s time to go the other way.


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