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Why are some other hair salon’s hair extensions so much cheaper?

Salon Shique imports hair that is natural; never been coloured, bleached or treated in any way. We only use pure, luxurious, virgin hair. The hair that you wear must be better than your own hair! Your final look will be stunning, easy to manage, longer lasting and the envy of other girls who use cheaper imitations (such as synthetic, Asian, processed, Indian and Chinese hair).

Other, inferior hair is highly damaged, even before you wear it. This hair has been acid dipped, bleached or re-coloured from black to brown or blonde. To make this hair feel nice it is coated with silicon which washes off after 3-4 weeks leaving you with dry, straw like hair.

Don’t settle for less, only have the highest quality real human hair extensions.  This inferior hair is what we at Shique call ‘Throw Away’ hair.  After 3 to 4 weeks it deteriorates, is hard to manage, sheds, knots, looks and feels terrible and will not blend with your hair and needs to be thrown away.

We do not stock this cheap, inferior hair. Our hair will last you longer than 12 months whilst you follow our personalised hair, scalp and wellness program. Your beautiful hair is an investment. It may seem more expensive than the salons selling the cheap ‘throw away hair’  however it will save you money, embarrassment, hair damage and time in the long term.

Our hand made weft hair extensions provide body and length to your natural hair.


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