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Are you ready for hair extensions?

For the best results, your natural hair should be a minimum of 6 to 8 inches long, however at Salon Shique we have created miracles with less length!  The absolute minimum length needed is 3 – 4 inches.

If you have severe scalp allergies we do not recommend hair extensions

If you have very, very fine or weak hair we will firstly place you on a Hair Strengthening Program to strengthen your hair before wearing the Unique Shique Hair Extensions, to give you the best possible result.

If your hair is very sparse on top and you can see your scalp we can hand make top pieces for you.  Hair extensions will not be suitable.

If you have Trichotillomania, after a Hair/Scalp Analysis and consultation your Extensionist will advise you of your best options and help you with your condition.

If you have severe dermatitis or psoriasis we recommend a Hair & Scalp Analysis where we will prescribe a Hair & Scalp Wellness Program to help your condition.  These conditions can be brought on by stress, over washing, allergic responses, incorrect product use, emotional blockages or hormone imbalances.  These are all things that we are able to advise you further on during the analysis.  After regular monitoring, once the condition of your hair and scalp has improved you can move forward with your hair extensions.

If you have severe chemical damage we will firstly place you on our Hair Wellness and Strengthening Program to rebuild your damaged hair.  We have many specialised treatments for you.  Our aim is always to get your hair in its best possible condition and wearing the Unique Shique Hair Extensions will aid you in lengthening and strengthening your hair.

If you are recovering from chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we will place you on a Hair Wellness, Hair Growing Program and monitor your hair regrowth.  We will advise you professionally when your hair can support hair extensions.

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