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Difference Between Keratin Hair Straightening vs Japanese Hair Straightening

The Difference Between Keratin Hair Straightening & the Permanently Straighten Hair method of Japanese Hair Straightening

Over the years straightening your hair has become very popular. Two methods that have become increasingly popular is Keratin hair straightening and Japanese hair straightening. Everyone has their own views and it difficult to choose between the two of you don’t know the difference. Before deciding on a method of hair straightening you need to understand the difference between each treatment if they are suitable for your hair and the outcome.

Below is the difference between the two treatments:

Keratin Hair Straightening

This is a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment which keeps your hair smooth for almost 6 months. Keratin hair straightening acts as a smoothing treatment for your hair that reduces frizz and smoothens the bond. If you spend a lot of time straightening your hair to make it smooth or blow drying it, this is a great option for you as it will reduce your blow drying/straightening time down considerably.

With proper care, a Keratin hair straightening can be elongated. Use appropriate shampoo and conditioner that has been recommended by your stylist, wash your hair less often and avoid swimming pools as the chlorine can wash away the keratin from hair. Improper care can decrease the longevity of the Keratin hair straightening treatment.

Benefits of Keratin hair straightening:

  • It is suitable for all hair types and less chemicals then permanently straightening your hair.
  • It requires low maintenance and your hair can be styled in any form.

Japanese Hair Straightening

The most popular permanent hair straightening method is Japanese hair straightening. In this method, the stylist will use heat products to permanently straighten the hair. The heat breaks the bonds of your hair so that they are relaxed. It can cause a lot more damage to your hair compared to other treatments as it permanently changes the protein bonds of your hair. Thus, it is highly recommended that you always go to a well reputable salon for this treatment. It is not recommended that you permanently straighten your hair if you have bleached your hair before. Bleach dries out your hair and the straightening treatment will further dry out your hair.

Your hair will remain permanently straighten until there is regrowth. This method permanently straightens your hair whether you have curly, frizzy or wavy hair. If properly taken care of a Japanese hair straightening gives amazing results, the hair becomes irresistibly smooth and easy to manage.

Benefits of Japanese hair straightening:

  • If you struggling with thick, curly and frizzy hair then it is the perfect solution.
  • After the straightening, the hair will require minimal care, and it will give you a professional look with little effort.

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So, now that you know the difference between Keratin hair straightening and the permanently straighten hair method of Japanese hair straightening you can now decide which method is best for you. For any questions or to book a consultation with one of our professional stylists contact our friendly team at Salon Shique on (03) 9866 8088.

We will always help you in choosing the correct and appropriate procedure suitable for your hair.

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