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Hair Extensions

A Complete Guide to Hair Extensions

The salon industry is booming with new trends every now and then. Hair extensions have been widely used by individuals to experiment with colours, textures and add volume to hair. Good hair is the key to happiness, and keeping that in mind, Salon Shique a hair extensions shop caters to suggesting the best quality hair extensions available for individuals, in Melbourne.

Hair extensions are quite versatile to use. They can enhance your appearance by providing you with a new look. They are tremendously popular among teenagers as well as adults. Salon Shique will guide you in choosing the correct type of hair extension based on your hair texture, and which colour would blend well with your hair and complexion. If they do not have the perfect match for you immediately, Salon Shique takes the exact measurements of your hair and prepares the perfect hair extension for you by hand!

The quickest and safest type of hair extensions are the ones that can be easily clipped to your hair. They come with clips that you can put on easily by yourself. This is a great way for those who want to break-free from the hassle of a long-term commitment of hair treatment with coloured dyes. While choosing your extension, keep in mind the below-mentioned pointers,

  1. Always choose something that blends well with your natural colour and texture.
  2. While shopping for hair extensions, always go in the day to select a colour that can be easily visible during daylight. This helps in making your decision easier by giving you a clear view of your natural hair colour.
  3. Real human hair extensions are always better than artificial ones. They cannot be differentiated with your natural hair serving the entire purpose of using extensions in the first place.
  4. Always look for extensions that are thick from top to bottom. Most hair extension wefts get thinner at the bottom and hence should be purchased carefully.
  5. The more the extension blends with your natural hair colour, the easier it will be to get it dyed along with your real hair.

Hair extensions in Melbourne are usually costly, especially those made from real human hair. Salon Shique recommend these as they are easier to wash, maintain and style from time to time. Most hair extensions last for an year or so, depending on how well they are taken care of. They do not usually damage your natural hair but you have to alternate between taking them off and using them for short spans. Extra exposure to hair extensions can create tangles and knots in your hair, in addition to causing stress on your scalp.



If you are in Melbourne, visit Salon Shique or contact them at 03 9866 8088 to get a free consultation. The professionals are bound to amaze you with their gorgeous picks as they suggest the best styling tips and make sure your hair extensions suit your look by all means.

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