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6 Signs that You Need a New Hairdresser

6 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Hairdresser

We all frequent the hair salon – whether it is for regular maintenance, for transforming our look for the new season or for changing our style completely. But, whatever we plan on doing, there’s one thing that we all should watch out for – a bad hair appointment! To have a positive salon experience, there are a few red flags to look out for when it comes to your hairdresser. Below are a few signs that you need a new hairdresser.

The Lines of Communication are Down:

Good hairdressers sit down with you before they could even wash your hair and ask about your expectations from the appointment. A hairdresser should ask you everything that can affect your hair – from your style preferences to your daily maintenance and texture. If your stylist is not asking you these questions, then you need to seriously think about getting a new hairdresser.

Everyone gets the Same Cut:

People chase trends – there is no doubt about it. However, if you see an army of people getting up with the same haircut, then it raises some serious questions on the ability of the hairdresser.

Socializing takes Priority over Hair:

The process of hair colouring involves plenty of downtime for the colourist. It is unrealistic for the patron to expect for the hairdresser to be waiting on them hand and foot. That said, it also does not mean that the stylist should forget about your hair and begin to socialize, read magazines and eat food. If they tend to display such type of behaviour, it should set the alarm bell ringing.

Your Example Picture is Disregarded:

It is highly recommended that you show an example picture to your stylist because it makes the communication much more succinct and the job easier for the stylist. But, if the picture is disregarded and what you get is completely opposite of your ask/expectations, then you should never come back to that hairdresser again!

Blow Drying becomes a Damaging Nightmare:

You may have a perfect cut but if the blow drying is not done properly, everything is ruined. Make sure that your hairstylist pays attention to little details such as putting on the hair protectant and using the blow dryer at the right temperature.

The Phone is Attached to their Hand:

The job of a hairdresser requires their hands to be free at all times and if they are constantly on their phone, they would not be able to attend to you properly. So, if your stylist behaves in such a manner, it’s high time that you move to a new one.

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