South Yarra


Results-driven hair therapy.

Serving customers across the country, our South Yarra based salon has, over 20 years, developed a reputation as being one of the best providers of supreme extensions and is reflected in the loyalty of our clients. Our team of professionals offer general hairdressing (includes colour defence program, regrowth  tint and foil,, hair cut & style, and express style & blow wave), styling and specialist hair treatments in a nurturing and fun-loving salon environment.


Our boutique hair dressing salon maintains the hair and scalp care of women (and men!) in the local South Melbourne area. We specialise in quality hair extensions, hair loss, balding and thinning treatments, Trichotillomania and Alopecia care and permanent hair straightening. Our customised approach leaves each of our clients with the peace of mind that the service we provide is suited to the structure and condition of their hair. In addition to these services, we also offer colour defence program, regrowth tint and foil, hair cut & style, and express style & blow wave.


Give your hair extra body with our hand-made, 100% natural, virgin hair extensions that can be easily styled to suit your look.  Permanent extensions are available and can be blended with your natural hair to produce a unified, genuine look. With a large variety of colours, lengths and textures Salon Shique extensions will not shed, knot, tangle or damage your hair. Unlike other salons, at Shique we opt not to use glue or cheap tape-in hair pieces. We set out to create a quality benchmark in the industry and, with that, came a commitment to the longevity, lustre, resilience and maintenance of our products.

None of our hair extensions are chemically treated or altered. This allows the cuticles of the hair to remain intact, which gives you the same flexibility in styling as you would experience with your own, natural hair. When it comes to hair enhancement, there is no match for Salon Shique’s quality and service as we provide some of the best hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs in Melbourne and across the country!


With an emphasis on quality hair care, Salon Shique is known for treatment of hair loss conditions, such as Trichotillomania, Alopecia, balding and thinning. With customised treatments, hair pieces and extensions, we help our clients look after their condition and rejuvenate their look and confidence. Using the best follicle stimulation products, Salon Shique are advocates of hair and scalp wellness, offering programs that focus on the repair and rejuvenation of damaged hair follicles. Our permanent straightening treatments are tailored to suit the individual and are performed with the ongoing care of the strands at the forefront of the procedure. In addition to these services, we also offer colour defence program, regrowth tint and foil, hair cut & style, and express style & blow wave

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