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Salon Shique strives to address all types of hair issues in women through its various services. From market-leading human hair wigs and extensions to natural hair loss treatments, we always provide the best to our customers who visit our salon from every part of Australia. Understanding the specific problem of our clients is our top priority which is greatly reflected in our unique consultation process. It takes only 30 minutes to assess your hair and scalp condition and suggest you a suitable solution.

Just take a look at our products and services below:

Melbourne Hair Extensions

Our hair pieces in Melbourne have set the highest quality standards for others to emulate. These hair wigs and extensions are 100% natural, virgin and safe. Let our experts install them in a manner that is just undetectable by others. These are very shiny and easily match your hair colour and texture. Our wigs don’t shed or tangle too.












Hair Straightening

Many women love to have straight, smooth and silky hair that we ensure through our hair straightening, relaxing and Keratin treatments. We, at Salon Shique, use Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straightening that is well-known for its amazing results with no damage to your hair. Our professionals can provide permanent straightening service according to your particular tastes and preferences. Just come back to us in the future for regrowth touch ups.

Hair Loss Consultation

For any type of hair problems such as bald patches, hair thinning, premature hair loss, normal hair loss or low rate of hair regrowth, we can offer the best advice and solution. Contact Salon Shique on 03 9866 8088 and make an appointment for consultation today!

Trichotillomania Consultation

Are you suffering from an irresistible urge to pull out your own hair? This is known as hair pulling disorder or trichotillomania. Get in touch with us as we can help you deal with this embarrassing condition and get over it.

Colour, highlights/lowlights and colour corrections

Our skilled and experienced hair stylists are adept in selecting the right colour and applying it to perfection. They can also rectify your previous faulty hair colouring.

Style cuts, trims and restyles

Our boutique South Yarra hair salon specialises in hair cutting, trimming and restyling services that give you an attractive look and make you more elegant and confident.

All of our services, from hair pieces installation in Melbourne to hair pulling consultation, result in maximum customer satisfaction. Visit our salon and see the difference!



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