Hair Relaxing

Hair Relaxing softens your hair to the point where it can be restructured into a straighter form.  Relaxers will not completely straighten your hair; they soften or relax natural curls or waves.  Results will vary depending on how curly or wavy your natural hair is but you can expect healthy, bouncy, manageable, silky, soft and natural hair.

You will only need to touch up your re-growth to keep your straightened look approximately every 4 -6 months or alternatively, to return to your natural texture you will wait until it grows out or style with curls.  Like the Ionic Hair Straightening, Relaxers are permanent and can not be reversed.

How long does the hair relaxing treatment last?

Hair relaxing is permanent, you will however require regrowth touch up appointments every three to four months.

Can I wash my hair after the Hair Relaxing treatment?

We recommend that you do not wash or get your hair wet for a minimum of four days after the service.

Will there be maintenance after the treatment?

After the first four days you are able to wash/style and treat your hair as normal.  At your appointment your professional Shique stylist will recommend the perfect products for your individual needs.

How much does the service cost?

Service Approx Price Approx Time
Fringe & Hair Line $145 2 hours
Half Head (above extensions) $295 3 hours
Short $360 3 hours
Neckline $380 3 hours
Shoulder Length $420 4 hours
Bra Strap $480 4 + hours
Long (passed bra strap) $520 4 + hours

Can I have my hair relaxed?

Selecting the perfect service for you is dependent on your hair type and condition, your lifestyle and the results you wish to achieve.  Below is a list of hair types and conditions suitable for the Relaxing service.

Hair Type & Condition 

Yes / No











Chemical Damage




Hard to Manage




Fly Aways


Chemically Straightened

Re-growth Only

Pregnant or Breast Feeding


Hair Relaxing FAQ:

Q. How long will my hair relaxing service last?
A.  Your Hair Relaxing service is permanent, the hair that is treated will never need to be treated again; however your re-growth will be your natural hair texture and if you wish to keep the straight look will need a touch up approximately every 3 – 4 months.

Q. When can I wash my hair after the permanent straightening service?

A.  You can not wash your hair for a minimum of 4 (preferably 7) days after your service.

Q. What if my hair gets wet in the first week?
A. You must dry your hair immediately and use straightening irons on the affected area.  For your treatment to be effective it must stay straight and dry for a minimum of four days (preferably seven).

Q. What is the maintenance involved?
A. For the first four days you are required to follow the instructions outlined in your education material, after then you are able to wash and style your hair as normal.  Your stylist will recommend compulsory products for you to keep your hair healthy, looking and feeling fabulous!

Q. Do I need special products?
A. Yes.  After your service your stylist will recommend the compulsory products to keep your hair healthy, looking and feeling fabulous.

Q. Can I swim in a chlorine pool with my straightened hair?
A.  After the initial week you can swim in any pool or ocean, however, your stylist will would recommend a conditioning treatment for your hair to protect it from the elements.

Q. What if I change my mind, can I have the hair relaxing reversed?
A. Hair Relaxing is a permanent services, the only way to get your natural hair texture back is to wait until it grows!

Q. Can I tie my hair back after it has been relaxed?
A.  Not for at least the first four days (preferably seven), after then you may tie it back as you wish.

Q. Can I have extensions if I relax my hair?
A. Absolutely! Your Extensionist can design the perfect Unique Shique Hair Extensions for the look you want.

Q. Can I still colour my hair? 

A.  You can colour your hair before your relaxing service and if you wish to do so after, simply wait two weeks and you can colour as you wish.

If you have any further questions please call the salon on 03 9866 8088 to speak to one of our specialists Today!

What products are best for me?

At your consultation or appointment your stylist will recommend the perfect products for you.  It is important to follow our advice for the proper care and maintenance of your new look.  Shiseido have a fantastic range of products that are designed to complement the Relaxing service, giving you the best results.

If you are heading overseas or on a beach vacation please arrange the treatment four to seven days prior (remember you will not be able to wash or wet your hair for 4 – 7 days and will need to keep it straight).

All products are available in our salon or at our online store.  If you would like a personalised recommendation for the perfect products for your hair please contact the salon on 03 9866 8088 or email  We are here to help!

Simply call 03 9866 8088 for more information or to make your appointment today!

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