Salon Shique offer Permanent Straightening, Relaxing and Keratin Treatments.

We are experienced in all methods and can offer advise on the perfect treatment for you!
Please read on for further information or phone the salon on 03 9866 8088 for a chat or to make an appointment time for a personalised consultation with our specialists.

There are three different methods we offer to give you beautiful, shiny, silky smooth hair that is simple and easy to manage, Keratin Treatments, Shiseido Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening and Hair Relaxing.  Each are fabulous in their own way, the decision on which is the perfect services for you comes down to the results you are wanting and the condition, type and texture of your natural hair.

Permanent hair straightening Melbourne

There are so many different services that are used to describe Permanent Hair Straightening; (I want straight hair) Japanese Straightening, Thermal Reconditioning, Straight Perm, Ionic Straightening, Bio Ionic, Permanent Straightening, Thermal Straightening, Yuko Straightening and Shiseido Crystallizing Straightening.  All are basically using the same process to straighten curly, wavy or frizzy hair. All are permanent hair straightening and will leave your hair looking healthier, shiny, sleek and easier to manage. Your regrowth will be your natural hair texture.

Salon Shique prefers to use Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straightening because we are thrilled with the results and stand by the after care products!  The health and wellness of your hair is valued and we will not perform this service on bleached or bleach highlighted hair as it may cause damage.

Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight Smoothing and Retexturizing System permanently straightens all hair types while preserving natural health, this is not suitable for bleached or bleach highlighted hair.  Please remember that if you are wanting a complete ‘pin’ straight look you may need to style with hot irons.

Japanese Thermal Straightening (often called Ionic Hair Straightening) – permanently straightens curly and wavy hair, giving you silky, straight and shiny looking hair.  This is not suitable for bleached or bleach highlighted hair.

A ‘pin’ straight look is not achievable for all hair types, please call 03 9866 8088 to arrange a consultation for a personalised hair assessment.

If you are wanting to soften your curl then Relaxing (I want my curl softened!) may be the service for you!  Results will vary depending on how curly or wavy your natural hair is but you can expect healthy, bouncy, manageable, silky, soft and natural hair.

Relaxing, this is a permanent service and we at Salon Shique will not perform on bleached or bleach highlighted hair, however we will on natural, tinted or damaged hair.  It relaxes your curls or waves giving you a more natural look that is easier to manage

Hydrospa Keratin treatment (I want my hair healthier, smoother and shinier!) is also available, and may be the perfect service for you!  Keratin Treatments will give you beautiful, easy to manage, silky, shiny hair.  Keratin treatments are offered and available all over many salons, each vary slightly in results.  The HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment can straighten, smooth, recondition, smooth frizz, make your hair so much easier to manage and protect your hair from the effects of humidity!  HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment wears out after 3 – 5 months, it is not a permanent service.

Keratin treatments can be performed on bleached, tinted, highlighted, damaged hair and even hair that has been straightened with the Ionic method.  It will cut down the time you spend styling and maintaining your hair.  The HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment transforms your hair to give you it all; beauty and protection!  It can straighten, smooth, soften and  recondition your hair instantly!

Please call the salon if you are uncertain what treatment would be best suited to you, call on 03 9866 8088 to arrange a consultation and we can assess your hair and scalp to determine the perfect service to give you your desired results.

Keratin Treatments

We love the TrichoVedic Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  It is perfect for all hair types and will leave your hair healthy, silky and shiny. The Keratin Smoothing Treatment will straighten your hair to approximately 90% and is perfect for those wanting to give some nourishment to their hair and cut down styling time dramatically.  The service takes from 1 to 3 hours (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) and you walk out of the salon with your hair wash and styled, ready to impress!

Keratin hair straightening treatments

Keratin hair straightening treatment, after hair straightening


Hair Straightening

Shiseido Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening is just that…permanent!  It gives you silky, smooth, straight hair – taking about 3 hours.  Hair Straightening is perfect for those with natural hair, not bleached or highlights.  We use Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straightening because we believe it is the kindest to your hair and the results are stunning!    Picture below is a beautiful Shique client in our Melbourne salon before and after the Hair Straightening service.

Shiseido Japanese hair straightening

Shiseido Japanese hair straightening permanent hair straightening after


Before Permanent Hair Straightening



What a result! Permanent hair straightening result!

Hair Relaxing

Hair relaxing will not straighten your hair, but leave some body and bounce.  Just ask our specialists how the hair relaxing could work for you!


What if I only want to straighten my fringe?

Yes, that is certainly possible, we use the Shiseido Crystallizing Straightener on your fringe and hairline.

If you are finding your hair, or a section of your hair, difficult to manage, please give the salon a buzz on 03 9866 8088 and we can have a chat about the perfect solution to suit you!

What Straightening Service should I have?

We pride ourselves in offering free consultations!  Salon Shique we can straighten specific sections of your hair if you require, with the knowledge and experience to tailor the perfect solution to ensure that your hair is looking and feeling fantastic!

Please give the salon a call on 03 9866 8088 to discuss your personal concerns and arrange a consultation so we can advise the perfect solution to give you the hair of your dreams!

After hair care products are important and essential.

After the hair  straightening service the inside structure of your hair is permanently altered to give you your new style.  Using the product range that has been specifically designed to complement your service is necessary to achieve desired results.  The product range selected for you by your stylist will keep your hair smooth and healthy, we will give you a hair and scalp wellness program specialised just for you.

Shiseido permanent hair straightening products


Hair Straightening Q & A’s

Q. How long will my hair straightening service last?
A.  Your Hair Straightening service is permanent, the hair that is treated will never need to be treated again; however your re-growth will be your natural hair texture and if you wish to keep the straight look will need a touch up approximately every 3 – 4 months.

Q. When can I wash my hair after the straightening service? 

A.  You can not wash your hair for a minimum of 4 (preferably 7) days after your permanent straightening or relaxing service.  After the HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment you can wash your hair immediately.

Q. What if my hair gets wet in the first week after permanent or relaxing services?
A. You must dry your hair immediately and use straightening irons on the affected area.  For your treatment to be effective it must stay straight and dry for a minimum of four days (preferably seven).

Q. What is the maintenance involved?
A. For the first four days you are required to follow the instructions outlined in your education material, after then you are able to wash and style your hair as normal.  Your stylist will recommend compulsory products for you to keep your hair healthy, looking and feeling fabulous!

Q. Do I need special products?
A. Yes.  After your service your stylist will recommend the compulsory products to keep your hair healthy, looking and feeling fabulous.

Q. Can I swim in a chlorine pool with my straightened hair?
A.  After the initial week you can swim in any pool or ocean, however, your stylist will would recommend a conditioning treatment for your hair to protect it from the elements.

Q. What if I change my mind, can I have the straightening reversed?
A. Hair Straightening is a permanent services, the only way to get your natural hair texture back is to wait until it grows!

Q. Can I tie my hair back after it has been straightened?
A.  Not for at least the first four days (preferably seven), after then you may tie it back as you wish.

Q. Can I have extensions if I straighten my hair?
A. Absolutely! Your Extensionist can design the perfect Unique Shique Hair Extensions for the look you want.

Q. Can I still colour my hair? 

A.  You can colour your hair before your straightening service and if you wish to do so after, simply wait two weeks and you can colour as you wish.

If you have any further questions please call the salon on 03 9866 8088 to speak to one of our specialists Today!

Have you ever wondered how on earth Nicole Kidman got her hair so straight, sleek and shiny? Simple, she has it professionally straightened (think back to BMX Bandits!).  Yes, it is true we can do wonders with straightening irons, but for many of us it simply is not enough.  We want the hair of our dreams from the moment we get up, not when we have had time to style it!

So, who can have their hair relaxed or straightened? In short- anyone! If you have curly, wavy, frizzy, unmanageable, damaged, coloured, bleached or highlighted hair and wish for straight, silky, smooth, healthy, shiny and sleek hair then straightening or relaxing may be the answer for you!

Please feel free to phone the salon on 03 9866 8088 if you have any questions or would like to make your appointment. 

Straightening | HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment | Relaxing Prices

Prices for Straightening, Relaxing and HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment are dependent on the amount of hair you have; the density, length and thickness (the more hair you have the longer the service takes and the more product is required).Please call or email us for a quote.

Shiseido permanent hair straightening

How to book your HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment | Hair Straightening | Relaxing Appointment

6 Easy Steps to Be Free of the Frizz And Have the Straight Hair of Your Dreams...

Step 1: Call 03 9866 8088 and make an appointment for an obligation free consultation.  The consultation takes approximately 15 minutes.

If you are unable to attend the salon for a consultation we can conduct a phone consultation, remember that we will only be able to give you a price estimate over the phone, when we meet in person we can give you a fixed quote for the service.

Step 2: At your consultation come with your hair as natural as possible, you will meet with one of our stylists and they will conduct a Hair & Scalp Analysis, you can explain exactly the look you would like to achieve and we will make a recommendation for the service to suit you.  We will give you a written quote for your service and conduct a strand test (not necessary for the HydroSpa Keratin Smoothing Treatment).

Your stylist may recommend a Hair Wellness Program before we move forward with the straightening or relaxing.  We want your hair to be in the best possible condition so that you get only the very best results.

Step 3: When making your Straightening/Relaxing/HydroSpa appointment you will pay a 50% deposit via cash, credit card or eftpos with the balance due on your appointment day and you must have a strand test which will be done on the day of your consultation if you are having a Permanent Straightening or Relaxer.  If you cancel your appointment you will forfeit your deposit.

If you have a tight schedule please let us know when booking your appointment, we can arrange two straightening specialists to speed up your service.

Step 4: On your appointment day ensure your hair was washed 24 hours prior

Step 5: During your service, your stylist will make recommendations for the best products for you, explain the care and maintenance for your new look and give educational material which you can access online at home for your referral.

Step 6: After your hair has been straightened it is important that you follow your stylists’ care and maintenance instructions, remember you will have access to your educational booklet online and we are available on 03 9866 8088 if you have any questions.

Finally enjoy your new look!

“My hair was crazy! I had so many curls and always looked frizzy! I had my hair straightened two months ago and it is amazing! I can’t believe I waited until I was in my thirties to try this! There is not a product out there that I hadn’t tried to control my frizzy mess but now it’s so easy – and I can’t believe how good it looks! For the first time in my life I have sleek, shiny, smooth hair and I just love it!  Thank you Shique for my beautiful new hair!”

Remember, you can still wear Beautiful Hair Extensions by Salon Shique with your hair straightened!  Below is a Total Transformation, first we straightened, then coloured and installed our beautiful hair extensions – the end result – simply stunning hair that not only looks great, healthy and shiny but is easy to manage!!      


Free Hair Consultation, booking requests and South Yarra hairdresser contact!

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