Why Choose Salon Shique for your hair extensions in Melbourne?

Unique hair extensions systems developed from over 25 years experience, we can give you exactly what you want

We have developed the best hair extension process in Melbourne, hair transformation, Trichotillomania solutions, Permanent Hair Straightening, and are Cutting, Colouring & Styling Specialists

We work with only the very best, 100% Natural virgin human hair, Russian, Peruvian, Indian, European (we will match the best quality hair to your needs).

 We have fashioned thousands of the best Human Hair Extensions
 Our Hair Extensions are reusable, this saves you money and doesn’t damage your natural hair!
 We specialise in natural installation techniques without gums or cheap tape extensions.
 We provide fast and easy re-installation without damaging your natural hair!
 We give you simple hair care eductation and maintenance guides
 We offer Hair Wellness Programs specifically designed for you!

All our work is 100% Guaranteed! (simply follow our personalised plan for you and use quality hair care products!)

Contact the salon on 03 9866 8088 to discuss your fabulous new look, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!  If you are not happy with your extensions, please contact us so that we can rectify the problem (whether it be by reinstallation, replacement or treatments)

Natural blonde human hair extensions

Natural Brunettes hair extensions

Perfectly colour matched hair extensions














Reasons to choose Salon Shique for your hair extensions:

1.   Hand picked and assessed by Salon Shique

2.   100% natural virgin human hair extensions, Russian, Indian, Peruvian, European. To match your hair

3.   We have all different textures enabling us to perfectly match your hair

4.   We can give you the type of hair that you would love to wear, maybe you have fine hair and you would like hair with fullness and body or you have frizzy, wiry hair, we can give you softer smoother hair or maybe you have dull hair and would love hair that shines

5.   Our hair doesn’t matt, shed or tangle

6.   Our hair extensions are long lasting, minimum 1-2 years when you follow our hair wellness program and re-installation process, and use quality hair care products.

7.   Perfect blending, we source every type, texture and colour of beautiful natural hair, pure human hair that has not been processed or damaged.

8.   Our hair is easier to manage and style than your own hair, you can blow wave, GHD or style as you choose, you will not notice any difference from your own hair (and neither will anyone else!)

9.   Our hair extensions can be coloured if you choose, as they are pure natural human hair.

10. At your initial consultation, you will be able to see and feel the quality of our large range of hair extensions. Ask a lot of questions.  If you visit another salon for hair extensions and they cannot not give you logical answers, do not make sense, or give you vague answers that you’re not comfortable with, please seek a second opinion.  It is your hair and your money.  We welcome your questions because we want you to feel safe and confident; after all, it’s your hair!

We are confident that you will find us true artisans.   Many salons give you the stock standard ‘one size fits all’ extensions.  We do not.  We personalise, hand select and hand make your new look.  You will love your new hair!  Just ask to see our range of quality natural human hair extensions.


So what to do next?

YOUR NEXT STEP is to come into our Melbourne salon for the Unique Shique Consultation which embraces three important Hair Extensions elements;

  1. The Unique Shique Hair & Scalp Analysis:  We assess your hair and scalp condition and if necessary place you on a Unique Shique Hair & Scalp Wellness Program, treating your hair and scalp independently to ensure your natural hair becomes healthier, stronger, longer and looking great!
  2. The Unique Shique Image Consultation: Focusing on many aspects including your eye colour, skin tone, lifestyle and body form.  We share our knowledge and experience and give you professional advise on the perfect look for you!
  3. The Unique Shique Hair Extension Melbourne Consultation: Formulated and designed with years of experience we asses, advise and recommend the best solution for you.  We love your hair as much as you do and we guarantee all our work, we are true professionals.

If after the Unique Shique consultation, we feel that your hair is not suitable to wear extensions, we will be honest and advise you on the best options for your hair.  We at Shique pride ourselves on maintaining and improving your hair and scalp condition.   Our hair extensions do NOT damage your hair, they will help your natural hair growth and condition.


How Much Will it Cost?

OK, first off, be wary off those salon’s offering “Full head off extensions for $xx”. It is not possible to match your exact hair type and needs with a “one size fits all” approach and achieve a fabulous look that will last you for over a year.  (Just ask if they will give you a guarantee) We only believe in stocking the finest hair and a range that you can touch and see how it would look for your installation.

Hair Extensions Melbourne Salon Shique South Yarra

Phone 03 9866 8088 and speak directly with one of our hair extension specialists to book your hair extension consultation free appointment.  We do not believe in “one size fits all”.  Your extensions need to match your natural hair, we will show you some of our hair stock for you to see and feel the quality.  We will then provide you with a price personalised to your needs.


Two of our most recent hair extension transformations:

Before and after hair extensions used to cover balding

Colour correction and re-installation of cheap hair extensions











“I came to Salon Shique from another Melbourne hair extension salon – WOW – Salon Shique was light years ahead – more professional, cleaner, well organised – customer focused. I love visiting Salon Shique – very sincerely – love my hair. I get so many comments of how fantastic my hair is. Thanks Salon Shique!” Michelle

“I never imagined that I could love my hair as much as I do. I’ve had so many compliments since my extensions and can’t imagine not having them.” Beck


Finally, after just a few visits to Salon Shique Melbourne, this gorgeous client is growing back her natural hair after having a bad tape hair extensions experience. Hair Extensions shouldn’t be cheap and nasty, they are an investment in your new hair transformation.
Please don’t fall for the cheap tape and glue hair extensions specials many salons put out there. Ask heaps of questions, inspect their hair that you will be getting and expect nothing less than that best natural human hair extensions that are available.

From Cheap Tape Hair Extensions to natural human hair extensions

Free Hair Consultation, booking requests and South Yarra hairdresser contact!

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