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by Salon Shique are unlike any other hair extensions available.  They are the best natural hair extensions, hand made and always look stunning – best of all Shique Hair Extensions will not damage your natural hair in any way!

Salon Shique is a Hair Extension specialist salon in Melbourne, we install hair extensions every day and love it!

Hair Extensions by Salon Shique use only the highest quality hair available on the world market.  We only ever use 100% natural virgin hair, and hand make our hair extensions to suit you perfectly in our studio in Melbourne.  It’s all personalised especially for you and your uniqueness.

With over twenty years of research and development in the best hair extension methods, you can expect the very best at Shique!


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What makes hand made hair extensions better than machine made hair extensions?

Everything!  Shique Hand Made Hair Extensions Melbourne are made to measure – literally.  At your hair extension consultation we sit down together and design the perfect hair extensions just for you.

Machine-made hair extensions are made with low quality hair and are  ‘one size fits all’.  At Salon Shique we believe that Hair Extensions are absolutely not  ‘one size fits all’.

It is because we hand-make to suit each individual, that Shique Hair Extensions look and feel completely natural.  It is not possible to say the same for cheap machine-made hair extensions, they look and feel completely fake.

How long do Shique Hair Extensions last?

Shique Hair Extensions can last twelve months or longer providing that you follow our personalised maintenance advice.

Will anyone be able to tell I am wearing hair extensions?

No, it is impossible to tell where the natural hair ends and the hair extensions begin.  This is due to the fantastic installation method used at Shique and the experience of our team to give you a perfect blend in colour and cut.

Will Shique Hair Extensions damage my natural hair?

No.  We guarantee that your natural hair will not be damaged in any way if you follow our simple maintenance instructions.  At your hair extension appointment we will explain everything to you and educate you in how to care for your extensions.  The most important thing to remember is to always attend your re-installation appointment on time so that your extensions are always looking their best.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Shique hair extensions are made from 100% virgin human hair and therefore can be coloured.  Remember, just like your natural hair, bleach and lighteners can cause damage to natural hair.  If you are wearing hair extensions and are thinking of a colour change, call the salon on 03 9866 8088 for a personal recommendation.

How soon can I be wearing Shique Hair Extensions?

The first step is to make an appointment for a free consultation, this will take approximately 15 minutes and is obligation free. At your consultation we will begin with a hair and scalp analysis then we will design the perfect hair extension solution just for you.  You will have an opportunity to view our range of hair extensions and talk with clients in the salon wearing our hair extensions.

Why are some other hair salon’s hair extensions so much cheaper?

Salon Shique imports hair that is natural; never been coloured, bleached or treated in any way. We only use pure, luxurious, virgin hair. The hair that you wear must be better than your own hair! Your final look will be stunning, easy to manage, longer lasting and the envy of other girls who use cheaper imitations (such as synthetic, Asian, processed, Indian and Chinese hair).

Other, inferior hair is highly damaged, even before you wear it. This hair has been acid dipped, bleached or re-coloured from black to brown or blonde. To make this hair feel nice it is coated with silicon which washes off after 3-4 weeks leaving you with dry, straw like hair.

Don’t settle for less, only have the highest quality real human hair extensions.  This inferior hair is what we at Shique call ‘Throw Away’ hair.  After 3 to 4 weeks it deteriorates, is hard to manage, sheds, knots, looks and feels terrible and will not blend with your hair and needs to be thrown away.

Cheap hair extensions, tape extensions and clip in extensions

We do not stock this cheap, inferior hair. Our hair will last you longer than 12 months whilst you follow our personalised hair, scalp and wellness program. Your beautiful hair is an investment. It may seem more expensive than the salons selling the cheap ‘throw away hair’  however it will save you money, embarrassment, hair damage and time in the long term.

Our hand made weft hair extensions provide body and length to your natural hair.

Best Real Human Hair Extensions, hand made and natural

What is the best hair extension method?

The Salon Shique unique experience has been developed during 25 years of experience in ALL methods of extending hair.  With training and education both locally and internationally, there is not a method available that we have not seen, tried and tested over the years.  We have seen and continue to see the damage occurring each and every day from inexperienced extensionists and salons; the use of cheap incorrect hair, machine made wefts, lumpy glues, gums and resins, hair pulled out, knotted and matted and the emotional and financial stress that unfortunately many women go through.

The Unique Shique Hair Extension Process was born from witnessing these terrible experiences.  We have developed this process to give you peace of mind and hair that you will enjoy wearing.

Salon Shique Hair Extensions Melbourne

Are you ready for hair extensions?

  • For the best results, your natural hair should be a minimum of 6 to 8 inches long, however at Salon Shique we have created miracles with less length!  The absolute minimum length needed is 3 – 4 inches.
  • If you have severe scalp allergies we do not recommend hair extensions
  • If you have very, very fine or weak hair we will firstly place you on a Hair Strengthening Program to strengthen your hair before wearing the Unique Shique Hair Extensions, to give you the best possible result.
  • If your hair is very sparse on top and you can see your scalp we can hand make top pieces for you.  Hair extensions will not be suitable.
  • If you have Trichotillomania, after a Hair/Scalp Analysis and consultation your Extensionist will advise you of your best options and help you with your condition.
  • If you have severe dermatitis or psoriasis we recommend a Hair & Scalp Analysis where we will prescribe a Hair & Scalp Wellness Program to help your condition.  These conditions can be brought on by stress, over washing, allergic responses, incorrect product use, emotional blockages or hormone imbalances.  These are all things that we are able to advise you further on during the analysis.  After regular monitoring, once the condition of your hair and scalp has improved you can move forward with your hair extensions.
  • If you have severe chemical damage we will firstly place you on our Hair Wellness and Strengthening Program to rebuild your damaged hair.  We have many specialised treatments for you.  Our aim is always to get your hair in its best possible condition and wearing the Unique Shique Hair Extensions will aid you in lengthening and strengthening your hair.
  • If you are recovering from chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we will place you on a Hair Wellness, Hair Growing Program and monitor your hair regrowth.  We will advise you professionally when your hair can support hair extensions.

To book your hair extension consultation simply call  03 9866 8088 today.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the salon, we are here to help!


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