If you are wearing extensions and are uncertain if they are creating damage, we are here to help. We are more than happy to provide a Free hair extensions check-up (complimentary, but appointment required)

We are only too familiar with some less than fantastic work that is being done around the country and would like to offer anyone currently wearing Hair Extensions a FREE Hair Extension check up (it really doesn’t matter where you got them or even if you did it yourself).  We at Salon Shique are dedicated to keeping all of Australia’s girls hair healthy!

What is a Free Hair Extensions check-up?

At Salon Shique we promote healthy hair and scalp conditions.  We love hair and we want to make sure that the system you are wearing is not causing damage or stress to your natural hair. The hair extension check up will take approximately 15 minutes and includes;

  • Consultation:  we listen to any concerns or questions you may have about your hair extensions and give you honest, unbiased advice based on our experience.
  • Lifestyle questions: these are simply to discover if the extensions you are wearing are suitable for you, for example do you swim/go to the gym regularly/wear your hair up etc.
  • Scalp assessment: this is a thorough check of your scalp and each attachment point, we are looking for any signs of stress on your natural hair.
  • Hair and hair extension assessment: This is simply assessing if your hair and extensions blend naturally, eg; if the colour and blending cut give you a natural look.

At the end of your FREE Hair Extension check up we will give you an honest assessment of the system you are wearing and offer advice, if needed, to improve the condition of your natural hair, scalp and hair extensions.

Simply call our hair extension specialists on 03 9866 8088 to make your FREE appointment.

Why do I need a hair extension check up?

Putting it simply, you cannot see where the extensions are attached and do not have the knowledge to know if all is OK.

Hair extensions are attached in such a way it is almost impossible for you see the attachment point, this means that if there is a problem it is often discovered too late, when the damage is done.  The reason we are offering this FREE service is that we have seen too many women who are wearing extensions from other salons, and DIY home kits, that have suffered serious damage and we have the skills, experience and knowledge to help you.

A recent example is pictured below, the client came to us after having tape extensions installed at another salon that were ripping out her natural hair. You can see the damage that this method has caused this client, she has ended up with bald patches. The simple fact is that she has fine hair and should NEVER have been given tape hair extensions.  We removed her hair extensions then put her on a Hair Growth Program to stimulate the growth on her bald patches and to strengthen her hair.  Once we are satisfied with the results we can then move forward with installing hair extensions for her that will not damage her hair in anyway and give her the results she wants – beautiful, natural, flowing hair.

Damage caused by tape hair extensions

Damage caused by tape hair extensions

Regular maintenance is also extremely important when wearing hair extensions. Below is an example of a client who came to us from wearing weft extensions, they had been left in for almost three months and had matted with the clients hair. Not only did this mean that removal was extremely difficult it was also causing stress to the natural hair causing breakage and in places bald patches.

Matted hair extensions damage

Matted hair extensions damage

Will I be pressured to buy products or change to your hair extension method?

Absolutely not. We are offering this FREE service to give you an honest, professional opinion about the extensions you are wearing and to save your hair from unnecessary damage. It is part of our commitment to healthy scalps and hair…. we love hair!

How do I book an appointment for my Free Hair Extensions Check-up?

Simply call the salon on 03 9866 8088 to make an appointment or to ask any questions you may have, we are here to help and to keep your hair safe and healthy. Or simply fill out the below online contact form.

Free Hair Consultation, booking requests and South Yarra hairdresser contact!

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