Free hair care & scalp check up

Love thy hair!

We go to the doctor when we don’t feel well, but what about our hair?  When has been your last Free hair care & scalp check up?
It’s very important to look after your hair and scalp, not just for avoiding hair loss and hair thinning.  But to ensure that your hair remains healthy to promote beauty and confidence.

Just as easy as buying a new pair of shoes or handbag! Our Free hair care & scalp check up can assist you to retain your beautiful locks, and maybe even give you a little advice! (Appointments are necessary.  We are an appointment only salon).

Colour correction , hair care & scalp check up

Change of Season, change of style?

Maybe it’s just that you may like a change of hair colour, hair style or look?  Just as we all change our wardrobes each season, it’s important to keep up with the current seasonal hair trends.

Often the first thing a person notices is your hair, outfit, then shoes. So why neglect such an important aspect of your overall appearance?

Salon Shique, South Yarra Melbourne

We pride ourselves in providing the best hairdressing, hairstyling and hair care.  That’s why we are an appointment only salon.  Your time is just as important as ours, and we value that.

We specialise in a range of natural virgin human hair extensions, Trichotillomania solutions, hair loss, and off course…. Fabulous hair!!

Everyday we perform colour corrections, hair & scalp analysis of our new clients, and stock the best range of products to assist with healthy hair and scalp.  It is important to look after your hair, it is delicate and is damaged by poor products and everyday elements.

Please call us 9866 8088 or mail to see what we can do for you today.

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