Female Pattern Hair Loss

Research results regarding Female Pattern Hair Loss: on how what you eat, supplements you take, can affect your hair loss.

A number of experts suggest that there is a connection between a lack of omega fatty acids and hair loss.  However, there is also new recent research that reinforces there is a significance that what you eat can affect your hair growth.

In a recent issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology a study published found that the supplementation of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants, prevented hair loss in the women tested and improved the thickness of their hair.

Are the results reliable? Or just a new fad? And who was included in the hair loss study?

120 women from ages of 18 to 65 took part in the study over a 6-month period.  The women were deemed healthy, however were dealing with female pattern hair loss. Generally this causes thin hair, particularly around the front of scalp and crown. There are many reasons that these women could be experiencing hair loss, for example vitamin deficiencies or other medical conditions (These women were not included in this research). The reason being that after supplements were given, changes to their hair loss could be matched to the effects of the supplements.

Why do this research on Female Pattern Hair Loss?

It is commonly accepted that there is a significant link between nutrition and hair loss.  This included observing participants dealing with conditions such as anorexia and bulimia

Lots of products contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but their effects on female pattern baldness have not been studied in great detail.

In particular, this research concentrated on seeing how good a nutrition supplement with a combination of particular omega-3 and 6 from fish and blackcurrant seed oils, along with antioxidants (vitamins C and E and lycopenes), would be effective with improving hair loss, increased hair volume, softness and shine.

So what were the Supplements?

Separated into two study groups (80/40) and also equally matched in terms of age prior/post menopause.

The first group of 80 women were provided supplements containing 460 mg fish oil, 460 mg blackcurrant seed oil, 5 mg vitamin E, 30 mg vitamin C and 1mg lycopene daily for 6 months.

The second control group (40) were provided with no supplements.

A secondary part of the study was that all women participating in the hair loss study were to not change their diets, change their hair styles or take any other hair loss treatments.

So what were the results of the study?

Basically, a very notable 62% of the first group (receiving the supplements) showed an impressive increase in their hair density.  The other group (control group) rated at 28%. (of which only a ‘slight increase’ was noticed)

Six months after the study:

89.9% of the supplemented women said their overall hair loss has decreased

78.5% of the supplemented women said their hair diameter had improved

86.1 of the supplemented women said their hair was more shiny

85.9% of the supplemented women said their hair had more volume

84.8% of the supplemented women said their hair was softer

92.4% of the women who’d taken the supplements were satisfied with it and none had experienced any serious adverse side-effects.

Hair care products to assist in Female Pattern Hair Loss, hair thinning and healthy hair:

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