Bridal & Wedding Hair Extensions

Look absolutely stunning on your wedding day!

Have you been dreaming about beautiful wedding hair extensions to enhance your look on your wedding day? We understand how important it is to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

The Unique Shique Hair Extensions not only give you the hair of your dreams but also confidence in the knowledge that you are wearing secure, safe and the most natural, undetectable and invisible extensions available!

Why choose Unique Shique Hair Extensions for your wedding?

There are many reasons women come to us for extensions before their wedding day;

  • You have always dreamed of longer or thicker or shinier or healthier hair and with your wedding day approaching have decided that now is the time to have the hair of your dreams (you have the partner so why not the hair!)
  • Longer hair will be slimming with your wedding dress
  • Your natural hair is frizzy and you would like to have a new texture, smooth and silky
  • It’s not just a big day – it’s ‘big’ everything! Big dress, big jewels and fine limp hair will simply look unbalanced!
  • You want to spoil yourself
  • You want to add volume and thickness to support your upstyle
  • You may experience hair loss and want to ensure that your hair is looking full and healthy on your big day
  • You want to feel confident that your extensions will be undectable and no one will know you are wearing them
  • You want the very best!
  • The photos and videos from your very special wedding day will last forever.

We can make you feel and look like a princess for your big day naturally and easily and you can feel 100% confident no one will know you are wearing extensions!

Have the hair of your dreams on your wedding day!  It really is this simple……..

  1. Make an appointment for a Unique Shique Hair Extension Consultation by calling 03 9866 8088 or mailing us from our contact page, we recommend that you do so at least a few months before your wedding.  This allows time to have your look handmade, installed and gives you time to get used to your new look! Many of our brides come in three to four months before the big day, giving them beautiful hair for all the events leading up to the wedding (hen’s night, kitchen tea, relative reunion etc).  Your Unique Shique Hair Extensions will last you 12 months or longer!
  2. On consultation day, come prepared.  If you know what you want, bring in any photos you have collected so your hair extension specialist can get a clear understanding of the look you are wanting.  During your consultation your extensionist will design a look that is perfect for you and provide you with a written quote.  Rest assured that we definitely do NOT charge any differently for brides (we are only too aware of the price hikes that go on in other industries when you mention the word ‘wedding’.  This does not happen at Shique, all our customers receive the same high standard of treatment with very best price we are able to offer.)
  3. On installation day, your extensionist will explain and educate you as to how to care for your extensions. We recommend that you come back to the salon within the first fortnight for an Extension Education and Treatment service.  While you are able to call us at any time if you have any questions, we have found that the Education and Treatment service is extremely helpful and you leave the salon looking even more gorgeous!  We understand many girls have undergone a complete transformation that can take a little getting used to.
  4. For your wedding day we would love to style your hair, however we understand that this may not be possible.  The Unique Shique Hair Extensions are 100% safe and secure.  You can style your hair as normal, you can curl, straighten, twist, tie back and even decorate with flowers.  If you are having someone else style your hair for your big day we simply advise you to show them your extensions, making sure they understand the care and maintenance rules, and have a trial prior to your wedding.  If your wedding stylist has any questions they are most welcome to give us a call.  We want you to look your very best on your big day and are happy to help in any way we can!
  5. Finally enjoy your honeymoon!  You can swim, surf and even sail with your extensions.  Your extensionist will explain any extra care and maintenance for your hair extensions if your honeymoon requires it!

Call and make a booking for your Hair Extension Consultation Today on 03 9866 8088! Or fill in the online consultation form below so that we can get back to you.

Salon Shique’s Top 12 Tips for your Perfect Bridal Wedding Hair Extensions

We understand how important your big day is to you and want only the best for you and your future life partner.  Below are some tips for you when making a decision on your bridal hair style.

  1. If you have always dreamed of having longer, thicker, silkier or even different textured hair on your wedding day, make an appointment with one of our Hair Extension Specialists.  We can design the hair of your dreams to ensure you are looking perfect for your big day!
  2. Creating a new look doesn’t stop with you (even if it is your big day!) we can create beautiful new looks for your bridesmaids, sisters and even mothers!
  3. If you colour your hair make an appointment for a touch up two weeks prior to your wedding, this will ensure your colour is looking fabulous on the day.
  4. When/if you choose bridesmaids and flower girls (this can apply to the groomsmen as well) it is a good idea to let them know your expectations as you ask them.  Obviously you can not force your friends or family to have a particular hair cut or colour, however you can let them know what you would like for your wedding before they agree to be a part of it.
  5. Let us know when you begin planning your wedding.  You may not know exactly the look you are wanting for your big day yet but we know you want your hair in the very best condition it can be in.  We can design a Hair Wellness Programs for you (if you are not already on one) and offer any advice in helping you improve or maintain the condition of your hair.
  6. Choose your accessories before making the final choice on your bridal hair style, this will ensure you have the perfect flowing look.
  7. With so many different wedding venues it is a good idea to take into account the physical location of your wedding when choosing your bridal hairstyle, for example loose flowing curls are often favoured by girls having beach weddings, remember if your wedding is at a windy part of the beach you may wish to pin some back so that you are not blinded during the ceremony!
  8. To veil or not to veil?  This is a decision you will need to make before deciding on your final bridal style.  Try on your dress with the veil and experiment with some different styles, they don’t have to be perfect but just to give you an idea of up or down, curls or straight.  Make sure you take your veil with you to your bridal hair trial so that you are able to see how fabulous it looks, exactly how it will be attached on the day and feel confident it will be secure.
  9. ALWAYS have a bridal hair and make up trial and make sure that the person doing the trial is going to be the same person on your wedding day.  We have heard many horror stories of girls having the perfect trial and on their wedding day a complete stranger turns up to try and recreate the look you decided on.
  10. Remember, the trial is not just about the work that the stylist produces but about finding someone you can be comfortable with and trust on your wedding day.  It is possible that you may be feeling a little stressed on your big day so make sure the people you have chosen do not add to your stress!
  11. Once you have finished the bridal hair trial, make sure that you move around to see if there is any effect on your look.  You will be getting in and out of vehicles, walking, dancing, hugging and kissing and there will be photographers on you all day so you want to feel 100% confident you are looking your best.  If you are having an outdoor wedding it wouldn’t hurt to try your style out on the elements, is the wind going to blow your style away or will it hold up?
  12. Finally, is the bridal hair style you have chosen comfortable?  You may look fabulous but it will not be worth it if you are getting a headache thirty minutes into your wedding or fiddling or sweltering under a mass of long curls on a hot day.   Again, use your trial hair style as a guide.  Keep the look in for as long as it will be in on your wedding day, at the end of the day do you feel comfortable? Do you still look fabulous?


We are here at our Melbourne salon to answer any questions. Phone and speak with one of our Hair Extension Specialists today on 03 9866 8088.  Transform and embrace the new you today!

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