Hair extensions questions and answers.

Not sure if Salon Shique Natural Human Hair Extensions are right for you?
Here are some of the common questions that we receive.

Q. Is it suitable for my type of hair?
A. During your Hair & Scalp Analysis your extensionist will check elasticity, condition, texture, scalp condition, and your personal hair routine to advise you of your suitability

Q. Can I wash it like normal hair?
A. Yes you can, however we suggest you shampoo only once to twice a week.

Q. Is the hair natural?
A. Yes, we source the best natural virgin human hair from around the world, generally Russian, European, Mongolian & South American hair.

Q. How is it done?
A. Easily and effortlessly.  The Unique Shique Hair Extensions are applied using an anchoring/tracking system specifically designed to support our handmade hair wefts.  It has been tried and tested on over 3000 happy hair extension clients and is 100% guaranteed! Just follow our personalised education and maintenance recommendations.

Q. Does the hair extensions look natural?
A. Yes, it is completely natural and undetectable

Q. Can people tell that I am wearing hair extensions?
A. No, not unless they come up to you and physically run their fingers through your hair down to the scalp.

Q. Is it hard to manage my hair extensions?
A. Our clients tell us that their new hairstyle is in fact easier to manage than their natural hair

Q. What if I don’t like the end result?
A. Rest assured, all our work is 100% guaranteed for repair, reinstallation or replacement. Just follow the personalised treatment plan that we recommend to you and ensure you attend your regular maintenance appointments. Please call us if you experience any problems.

Q. How long will it take to install the hair extensions?
A. Full head of hair extensions generally take three + hours.

Q. How do I know if it’s quality hair that the salon is using?
A. Salon Shique only use quality pure, natural virgin hair, tested and quality controlled.  

Q.  Do I need any special products or brushes?
A.  You will need a special hair extension brush and your extensionist will recommend products to enhance the health and wellness of your natural hair

Q. Does it hurt?
A. For the first 24 hours you will feel a tightness which will settle

Q. Does it damage my hair?
A. No, simply follow our hair maintenance program.

Q. Are hair extensions high maintenance?
A. No, simply follow the advice and education we provide during your installation.  Hair extensions are not high maintenance, many of our clients have told us they have found their new hair easier to manage than their natural hair!

Q. If I get tired of them, how do I remove them?
A. Your hair extension specialist will remove them for you.  Never remove them yourself.

Q. Can I still go swimming and play sport?
A. Yes, the Unique Shique Hair Extensions are safe and secure.  However, we do not recommend subjecting your hair to a spa or sauna, and it is advisable to cover your hair whilst visiting a solarium.

Q. How can the Unique Shique Hair Extensions improve the condition of my current hair?
A. Your Shique Extensions allow you to add highlights or lowlights to your look without colouring your hair.  Hair extensions can protect your natural hair as it is not as exposed to the environment and heat appliances.

Q. Are hair extensions just for length?
A. No, extensions add length, volume, colour, new texture, thickness and much more.

Q. Can I blow wave or use my GHD and straighteners on my extensions?
A. Absolutely, the Unique Shique Hair Extensions are 100% natural human hair.

Q. Can I tie my hair up with my extensions?
A. Yes, there may be a slight alteration to the height of your pony tail but otherwise you are definitely able to wear your hair up

Q. Can you help me with bad cheap hair extensions that I had installed from another salon?
A. Phone 03 9866 8088 and speak directly with one of our hair extension specialists to book your appointment.  Explain the extensions that you are wearing and what you would like done.  Whenever possible we recommend a pre-appointment visit so that we can view your extensions and accurately asses the work to be done.  There are many different methods on the market for extension installation and attachment, not all of them are re-usable and not all of them are safe for your natural hair.

Hair Extensions Melbourne Salon Shique

This pre-appointment consultation allows us to assess your hair, hair extensions and scalp to make a professional recommendation for you; it also allows us to schedule enough time for you and to accurately quote the service. If you are unsatisfied with the hair extensions you are wearing from another salon if is also an opportunity for us to work with you to design a new look that will be perfect for you.

On your appointment day, come to the salon with your hair as natural as possible and washed 48 hours prior.  Your Extensionist will remove or re-install your extensions or install your new look.  If necessary, your Extensionist will recommend a Unique Shique Hair & Scalp Wellness Program for you.  The program treats your hair and scalp independently, ensuring your natural hair becomes healthier, stronger, longer and looking great! This is very important if you have suffered any damage at the hands of an inexperienced Extensionist at another salon.

Your Extensionist will explain the care and maintenance for your extensions and supply you with educational material for your referral at home.

Please contact us using the form below with any further information you may like to know!

Hair Loss

“I found Shique online and came with a specific hair loss problem.  12 months on, I have the same long blonde extensions, extensive regrowth, a healthy scalp and a totally different outlook on life.  If there were before and after photographs you wouldn’t believe them and I have the Shique team to thank for that. ” Julia   

Self Esteem

“My hair extensions were the greatest gift to my life! I actually had no idea how feminine I would feel with long hair.  I just love, love, love them!  I found my hair was actually easier to manage, when drying, than my thin fly away hair and it actually sat perfectly with hair extensions.

I researched the industry quite thoroughly and found the process of Salon Shique was actually very unique and extremely professional looking.  No one else has the quality of not just the product, but the installation as well. 

My hair has been a great source of joy and it certainly lifted my self esteem.  I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to volumise a thinning head of hair, or someone who just wants an instant transformation.
You will just love yourself and your hair!” Liz

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