With alopecia hair loss and thinning for women becoming a common problem , Salon Shique has come up with an array of effective solutions that brings back their lost hair as well as self-esteem. Located in Melbourne, we address alopecia hair loss and hair thinning for women with a systematic and discrete approach. Our comprehensive range of services includes natural human hair extensions, hair straightening, cutting, styling, colouring, tinting, and many more. We will advise you on the best option, just opt for any service we provide and get maximum satisfaction all the time!

There are various causes of alopecia hair loss and thinning for women, including hereditary tendencies, poor diet and nutrition, hormonal instability after maternity, drugs and treatments (for example, chemotherapy hair loss), poor immune system, stress and anxiety, low estrogen levels, and skin infections.

Salon Shique hair extensions together with the Unique Shique Hair Scalp Wellness Programs can put an end to hair thinning in women and enhance their looks as well as regain their confidence. Our Hair Scalp Wellness Programs include a variety of effective therapies like scalp renew treatment, colour balance/tone treatment, instant ampoule treatment and intense moisturising steam hair and scalp treatment.

We start your journey to recovery with our unique consultation process that fully analyses your scalp and hair condition and takes into account factors such as lifestyle, skin tone, and body form. Our specialists then recommend to you the best solution for your specific condition.

If you’re experiencing alopecia hair loss or thinning, there is no need to get worried since our 100% natural hair extensions can give you a fuller and thicker look instantly, while the wellness programs nourish your scalp and natural hair to promote its regrowth.

For more details or to book an appointment, contact us today on 03 9866 8088!

Common causes of Alopecia thinning and hair loss for women

  • Genetic predisposition: If you have a family history of hair loss or thinning, then you’re most likely to suffer from this problem as well.
  • Tension and trauma: Increasing levels of tension or emotional shock can result in loss of hair.
  • Drugs and medical treatments: Medical hair loss can happen due to the consumption of anxiety, acne and blood pressure drugs. Chemotherapy hair loss is another aspect to consider. Birth control can induce hairlessness too.
  • Diet and nutrition: People can suffer from alopecia hair loss due to inadequate nourishment, low levels of iron and fast weight loss.
  • Immune system: If your immune system is not working properly, it can hinder the growth of hair leading to baldness in full or in patches.
  • Thyroid: A hyperactive as well as hypoactive thyroid can trigger loss of hair.
  • Hormonal imbalance after pregnancy: Too much hair loss takes place in the months after child birth because of growth cycle rebalancing.
  • Skin infections: Fungal infections like ringworm can give rise to alopecia around itching round patches on the scalp.
  • Lowered estrogen: During and after menopause (when the menstrual cycle ceases), the level of estrogen starts to come down. As a result, some women lose their hair.

We always recommend that you receive advice from your medical practitioner before proceeding with any further treatments.

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