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Hair extensions melbourne human hair

Hair Extensions Melbourne best natural human hair

Based in South Yarra, Salon Shique has established itself as the  the premium salon for natural best human hair extensions Melbourne, human hair clip in extensions, and hair loss treatments Melbourne, assisting people dealing with hair pulling and Trichotillomania, permanent hair straightening and hair relaxing treatments. The Unique Shique Hair Extension Process developed during two decades of experience uses 100% luxurious natural virgin hair sourced from countries such as Russia and South America.
Long, strong and beautiful hair is every woman’s dream. And if hair loss is coming in the way of that cherished desire, then Salon Shique can help to overcome the problem in an effective way that is unmatched in the region. Natural virgin hair is hair that hasn’t been chemically treated or altered, has cuticles intact and from one donor. Our weft hair extensions are made from the best natural human hair, it won’t shed, knot or tangle, unlike some our competitors cheap tape extensions and processed hair extensions.  Style it just like your natural hair, no one will be able to tell that you’ve have extra body and fullness from wearing our hair extensions.  Your extensions will last at least 12 months when you follow our special hair wellness program, saving you money and stress.

Best Natural Human Hair Extensions Melbourne

Natural human hair extensions from Salon Shique Melbourne



Specialising in Hair Extensions Melbourne, permanent hair straightening, hair styling, hair thinning, balding and a host of other high quality hair treatments. Our hair extensions and natural human hair pieces in Melbourne are not just any other product; these have in fact set a benchmark in the industry. That’s what our customers have to say and we value their appreciation.

Salon Shique enjoys servicing customers from all areas of Australia, including Perth, Sydney, Brisbane whom come to experience the best human hair extensions, Trichotillomania solutions, permanent hair straightening and hair relaxing, and hair thinning treatments are also our speciality.  Clients that are interested in long, thick, full and attractive 100% natural human hair, safe and undetectable.

We always use pure, virgin human hair in all our extensions that clearly stand out from other cheap hair products in terms of quality, lustre, durability and maintenance. If you wish for a particular texture, colour or variety, our hair extension specialists will fulfil it to give you a perfect blending. Often we have the best hair in stock that will match your natural hair.

Salon Shique does not use glue, keratin or cheap tape hair extensions which we believe to be highly damaging to your natural hair.

We fully GUARANTEE all our work. All you need to do is follow our recommendations, regularly maintain your hair and use the products we personally recommend for you.

We won’t leave your natural hair untreated either. Try our Hair and Scalp Wellness Programs that will help you grow stronger and healthier hair again.  Salon Shique also stocks a range of hair follicle stimulation products to assist with hair thinning, hair loss and balding. In addition to our hair loss treatments and hair replacement solutions, we also provide a variety of other salon services such as permanent hair straightening, hair relaxing, keratin treatment, styling, cutting, colouring, and tinting

Trichotillomania hair treatment

Trichotillomania, hair extensions, hair loss treatments



Whether you are experiencing Alopecia, medical hair loss or Trichotillomania, Chemotherapy hair loss, we have the ideal solution for you. Take your beauty and confidence to a new level with our special hair extensions. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a consultation on hair extension or replacement in Melbourne, please call us on 03 9866 8088.










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Don’t risk your money on cheap tape extensions, scalp and hair damage with cheap quick and easy inferior extensions



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